#devtober — Announcing Devilwood

There is a new hashtag going around on twitter today that is coinciding with #inktober. @ThisIsEllian has decided that #devtober should be a thing where you make a game, post a progress screenshot/gif about it everyday, Promote it and sell it.

Throughout October, we were already planning on taking a break from Project JRPG for a short period of time and try out some of the new tech in a different project. Why? Well a couple of reasons. I have been sat in the project JRPG codebase for a while, I had an old idea I wanted to revive and wanted another project released by Beehive before the year was out. It is also a good proving ground to see if the tech I had made in Project JRPG could be moved around easily.

Therefore I am announcing Devilwood, Beehive Games’ #devtober project. It is something we actually teased over the weekend

It is an enhanced iteration of a game I made a while back. For #devtober we plan to have Devilwood available for purchase on Android, Windows Store and Xbox One via the Creators Club around or before the 31st October. Release platforms may change based on what happens in development, but that is the initial plan!

As far as #devtober goes, we are unlikely to have a screenshot EVERY day, but I will try and update the development blog at least once a week and share a few bits and pieces, either through the Beehive Games or my own Twitter.

The knock on of this is that the Project JRPG initial playable demo is likely to be delayed, but in the long run, this will have a substantial benefit on that as well from a tech point of view.

I like forward to sharing with you what we accomplish!

In the mean time, why not have a go at parking some boats in Stern To!

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