#devtober — Devilwood Project Intro

Day 1? 2? Whatever. Today I am going to talk about the design of Devilwood.


Devilwood is a story about a recently married couple whose relationship is on the brink. You have heard the story. They want to spend time with each other but their busy lives and careers get in the way. And when they see each other they just fight. In an attempt to repair things, they go away for a weekend to a cabin in the woods. However what they do not know is that this is the weekend the Demons come out. Where Devilwood gets its name.


At its core, Devilwood is a survival horror stealth game that relies on sound. The goal is for the player to find his other half who has ran off into the woods and bring her back to the car to escape.

The player has two interactions. Move the player and turn on and off his torch.

The Devils are sensitive to light so when the torch is on they are more likely to see the player. When the torch is off they are less likely to see. Get too close however and they can still get you.

Turning off the torch plunges you into darkness and the torch gives you a limited field of light anyway. “So how do I know if a Devil is there? And also how do I find my other half in this forest labyrinth?”

This is where sound comes in. The Devils are not quite so through the use of 3D sound, you will be able to hear them coming. Similarly you will be able to hear your other half crying and as you move closer to her, you will hear her cries get louder. This game therefore will be best played with headphones.


As I said before, we will be aiming for Windows 10 Store, Xbox One Creators Club and Android. Why these platforms? They have minimal barrier to entry and for me are the least risky. The main thing that may hold us up is getting the game live in the Windows 10 and Xbox Stores, but hopefully the majority of the game should be done a couple of weeks before out October 31st deadline.

And then we come to price. On Xbox and Windows, we are planning to charge £2.99 upfront. On Android we are planning to make it free with Ads and an in-app purchase that removes ads of £2.99. Why not premium for Android from the start. Well for one it is mobile, so if it is Premium and you are not Monument Valley or Alto’s Odyssey you are unlikely to get any downloads. There are other reasons, but the main one is that we are tailoring for both markets. I know that Ads in a horror game will break the immersion a bit, but hey, the mobile market is what it is.

Thanks for having a quick read of what our #devtober project is about. We hope to share more progress with you soon!

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