JRPG Design Devlog -Trimming Down the Fat

As I go through the design doc over and over to double check what I have left to actually program, there were a few features that although were inspired by games I like, did not fit in. And as I removed them, I found that really, they didn’t add anything to the game.

And that is kind of part of my mentality. Sometimes there are some features that are nice, but if they do not add to the experience, then why keep them?

Essentially, I have now been through the design doc and cut down some of the fluff to make a better, more streamlined experience. What that fluff was, was the social link style features. Although it worked well in Persona, it did not add anything useful to this game, and thus it got cut. The new experience makes a lot more sense and has fewer time pressures than the old one, that hopefully will make the game more enjoyable for all.