Project JRPG Update

Hello! It is me again! Coxlin! After around a month off from development, we have some news.

Over November I thought about Project JRPG. What we had learned, where we had got to, where we were heading and what was best for this project.

The game is no longer a JRPG. As we explored our tech,what we could do and where our world was going, we slowly realised that this project is not the best fit for the genre. That does not mean that our work up to this point with our JRPG tech has been wasted. I’m not about that life. We have another project in the pipeline that can use it and is in my opinion a much better fit. That project is unlikely to see the light of day anytime soon, but it is in the pipeline.

So for the new name. Well as the new design is influenced by Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, Transistor, Western RPGs likeand Telltale’s Batman, we can’t really call it Project JRPG.

Instead we are taking one of the name of one of the main characters.

Project Winter.

We are spending December prototyping the key systems, starting with the combat. We have some people interested on working on it and bringing it to life too, so on to the next chapter!

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