Nova Redonia: The power of perpetual circulation

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5 min readApr 29, 2024


A game created to learn about circular economy

The objective of the game is to guide players through a variety of scenarios in an adventure in a settlement on Mars called Nova Redonia. It is a role-playing game where players must help solve a series of technical and environmental problems in the settlement. The game involves interaction with various characters and solving challenges, it is designed for a group of players, typically between 3 and 6 participants, to allow for balanced gameplay and a variety of skills and approaches to tackling the challenges presented.
A game director will guide and dynamically adapt the narrative to the players’ decisions, encouraging pitches that enrich the excitement of the final moments. The game ensures mechanics that allow for learning, reflection on problems, and creative solutions within the circular economy.

The Nova Redonia settlement on Mars represents a state-of-the-art technological achievement, with domed neighbourhoods providing a safe and controlled environment for residents. It is equipped with advanced technology, including extensive solar panel fields and life support systems, which emphasise self-sufficiency and sustainability. This settlement was established as part of an extensive plan to colonise Mars and serve as a model for a self-sufficient and sustainable settlement. However, it faces recent challenges, as a series of mysterious failures and sabotage of vital systems call into question its future and the safety of its residents. The heroes, specialists sent to investigate and resolve the crisis, will face challenges such as repairing damaged vertical greenhouses, diagnosing and troubleshooting the waste recycling system, and dealing with conflicting oxygen sensor readings. In addition, an internal conflict between the characters. This situation poses an imminent danger to life in the settlement and challenges the heroes’ ability to solve technical and social problems.

The Environmental Control Centre at Nova Redonia has several key functions. Firstly, it monitors and controls oxygen levels in the settlement, using oxygen sensors placed throughout the settlement to continuously monitor oxygen levels in various sectors. In addition, the centre is responsible for adjusting the flow of oxygen to different parts of the settlement based on sensor data, ensuring that each sector maintains the proper level of oxygen needed for residents to live and work. It is also the technological heart of Nova Redonia, controlling all key life systems in the settlement, including air and water recycling, energy systems and security. In addition, the Environmental Control Centre has teams of engineers and technicians to solve any technical problems that may arise.

But we have a problem. Sabotage is taking place in the Nova Redonia colony with the aim of undermining the stability and security of the settlement. The saboteurs reprogrammed the oxygen sensors to create false and underestimated readings, which could lead to dangerous situations for the residents. Furthermore, their aim was to create unrest and undermine residents’ confidence in the stability and security of the settlement in order to support the idea of separating Nova Redonia and creating a more independent and autonomous community.

Sabotage is resolved through the active participation of players, who must use their skills and abilities to identify, repair and prevent future acts of sabotage. Players must thoroughly investigate system logs to discover the cause of failures, repair damaged mechanisms, and restore affected systems to proper operation. In addition, players must interact with in-game characters, such as specialists and residents, to understand the extent of the problem, influence the crowd and find alternative solutions to keep the colony functioning. Ultimately, the role of the players is to resolve the sabotage, restore normality to the colony and secure its future.

To solve the riddle of systems sabotage in the colony of Nova Redonia, it is crucial to work collaboratively. Players must pool their skills and knowledge to identify anomalies in the logs, recreate the change in the system, assist in repairing the system, and find traces of saboteurs. In addition, collaboration is necessary to confront the saboteurs and uncover their motives and plans. Working together will allow them to discover the source of the irregularities in the sensor readings and repair the system, returning the colony to normal.

The game allows players to learn about the circular economy through interaction with the different scenarios and challenges presented to them. In addition to solving mysterious sabotage, players are confronted with situations that require them to identify and solve problems related to waste management, recycling, energy efficiency and sustainability. In addition, the game introduces characters who play key roles in the management of technological and environmental systems, providing insight into the importance of the circular economy in a futuristic environment such as Nova Redonia. In short, through the narrative and challenges presented, the game allows players to explore and understand the concepts and practices of the circular economy in a science fiction context.

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