The Trainee Entrepreneur’s Journey (Ch2)
Suzanne L

Almost like my own words.

That’s almost like if I sat down and wrote it, hahaha! I love it, great job. And, you know what is the most important is that you never gave up. A lot of people lose their job or hit a bump in the road and they just quit on design. I almost did! When I first lost two of my part-times months apart as a designer, I quit. I didn’t look for any job but a friend offered me a job at Sears and I took it. I was there for FOUR years! The first two I was seriously depressed and I didn’t work on any side projects then after that I started to brighten up and be positive about where I was at that moment. It did take me two more years, but I was at least working on my portfolio, website and I had 1 client. The thing about us is that we have passion and we just love what we do and if we don’t do it our hearts hurt. :) That’s almost what my initial blog posts were like, here’s a link to the first one if you’d like to read it:

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