That’s bullshit. It’s not my company. It’s our company, whether I am employee one or employee 31. If I was on the other side of the fence, I’d be furious. Leadership requires understanding the landscape that you’re operating in and not steamrollering people or ideas in the process.
My Employees Reviewed me, and I Kind of Suck
Greg Hoy

If adding yourself and Greg to the list of reviews accomplished only one thing at all, this alone justifies all of the agony I am certain you must have gone through reviewing the results.

I am not particularly proud of this fact, but I must confess that even after starting up (and growing) a small consulting firm and selling it to an Agency many moons ago, I didn’t really come to understand this point until much later in my career.

And really not fully until I learned about what really “taking ownership” really means for individuals, managers, and those aspiring to become (and the few who actually accomplish the feat) great leaders. And I learned it working at Dell. It’s not surprising, in retrospect at least, that this awareness came to me because of the amazing Manager(s) and Executive(s) I had the opportunity to work with / for during my time there.

It took some great mentorship, and a decent investment in retrospection and brutal honesty on my part for me to realize that I had an opportunity to develop into a Leader not because of my strong point of view and sheer force of will, but DESPITE of it….accepting the truth you so eloquently articulate here was the first step in that journey for me and I felt obliged to offer my thanks for sharing this piece!

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