Beek helps venues show people around

I’m sure you probably knew this already but Beek is not only an instrument that schools are using but conference centres and venues too!

Keri Retimanu, conference and venue manager at Wharewaka, shares with us how our service has helped increase venue booking. She said she includes the link of the VR guide with emails she sends to customers to help them attain better insight of the place.

“The virtual tool is a great part of our marketing we use it all the time, we load it to two of our websites, we send it as links for renting function rooms so they can see the rooms prior to even visiting,” she said, “We also have used Beek at show me wellington.”

‘Show me Wellington’ is Wellington’s event and conference expo that happens every year.

Retimanu confirms what a great and proactive experience we keep providing and how it helps to have an approachable and responsive CEO.

“Ben is very proactive and approachable. I know if I ever contact him to fix something he will do it right away.” Keri Retimanu said.

It’s always great to hear feedback from customers who have been with us from the start. Customer advice and affirmation keeps Beek improving consistently all the time!

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