Image by Ottica. Original photograph by Gonzo Bonzo under creative commons.

By Hand & Brain


I keep wondering about Maker garbage, Maker detritus. I haven’t seen any yet. What does a charity shop in a full-on Maker culture look like, or a boot sale? Would we sort through them, looking for treasures in the same way we do now? Have you ever seen the contents of an end-of-term art school skip? Is anything sadder?

The idea that everyone is by nature a maker of things, merely waiting to be empowered, may be akin to the idea that everyone is a curator of things. I think that may just be an idea, BTW.

Image by Ottica. Original photograph by MakieLab and under creative commons.

By Hand & Brain

[Alice had slightly different questions to the other contributors, related to her work at MakieLab.]

MakieLab’s one thing is about making 3D printed toys from digital stuff: games, apps, other toys even. We believe in making pretend real, having fun and trying to be as sustainable as possible, too.

We hijacked “making” into MAKIE, to describe both our back end stuff, and the people who like to play with stuff. We reckon our early adopters and customers will be makers and crafters: people who want to make a toy, and personalise how it looks. Kids too, but first we have…

Image by Ottica. Original photograph by Ellen J Rogers.

By Hand & Brain

[On this time]

There are always periods like this. Any commonly defined era has felt itself to be approaching a point of breakthrough or perfection. There was a time when people thought science was a concluded form, and that we’d answered all the questions of import to our satisfaction.

Sometimes I wonder if (Western) culture only works if we have this weird cultural amnesia that allows us to believe that we’re doing everything right this time. We forget all the other periods where people thought the same thing.

[Corporations as cultural citizens]

I come from a field where the standard…

Beeker Northam

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