Top 10 Best Wordpress Popup Plugins for WooCommerce (Updated 2017)

If you are running a WooCommerce online store, chances are that you need ideas to convert traffic into leads and sales. Have you ever been told that popup plugins can do more than collecting emails?

Popup forms when placed smartly can work like a charm to catch people’s attention and make them irresistible from clicking through to get special offers.

Then comes the next question: among 6 thousand plugins on Wordpress plugin directory, how can you find the best wordpress popup plugins to create awesome popups that can help you build a massive email list and grow sales?

In this post, we have done the research for you and hand-pick a list of 09 best wordpress popup plugins in 2017, that any WooCommerce store owner should know and consider trying to increase conversion and sales.

Watch out! We’ll go beyond popups to collect emails but give you exciting ideas to increase cart order value and boost checkout rate with awesome WordPress popup plugins.

#1 Popup Builder

It is having more than 10,000 active installs for a good reason: Popup Builder is one of the most popular popup plugins in Wordpress directory. This plugin allows you to set up many types of pop-ups using shortcodes. Creating and customizing popups right within your WordPress dashboard window is also one of the things that make this plugin so easy and convenient.

One thing to keep in mind is that most of the common features such as exit intent popup, social popup, video popups… is exclusively included in Pro version, which is not free.

#2 Boost Sales | Upsell & Cross-sell Popups

Built from the concept of upselling & cross-selling tactics like Amazon, Boost Sales app empower small and medium WooCommerce online stores to apply these efficient selling strategies in forms of interactive popups.

In cross-sell settings, you can bundle up complementary products into value combo and offer a discount total price if customers purchase the whole bundle. Cross-sell popups beautifully on the right corner of product page like this:

While cross-sell offers motivate customers to buy in value combo, upsell offers suggest alternative or relevant items if customers add an item to cart:

You can let the plugin choose personalized recommendation for your customers based on their cart or browsing history, or set up custom offers as you want.

#3 PopupAlly

Also having more than 10,000+ active installs currently, PopupAlly plugin is worth looking at as a good tool to create signup pop-ups on your WordPress website.

This plugin allows you to customize the popup through the visual editor and know exact what it will look like instantly. In order to collect emails with this tool, you may need to fetch HTML opt-in codes in other email marketing services (Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse…) an paste into the plugin settings.

Similar to Popup Builder, most awesome features of PopupAlly are accessible in Pro version, and freemium version of this plugin does not provide customer support.

#4 Better Coupon Box

Though being a new player in Wordpress market, Better Coupon Box has long been the most popular popup plugin in Shopify, BigCommerce, and Weebly (See its 2000+ reviews in Shopify Appstore).

Totally free from HTML coding, with this new but very noteworthy WordPress popup plugin you can easily set up multiple social, coupon, email signup, exit-intent popups within 3 minutes by choosing available options in the settings dashboard.

Noted features of Better Coupon Box that are worth your attention:

  • Build social coupon popups to increase social fan base on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+…
  • Excellent tool to customize unique themed pop-ups either with pre-designed templates or CSS coding
  • Create smart exit-intent popups to target customers who are about to leave the store Smoothly sync email list with other email services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Mailbot,…
  • Coupon code can be unique for each customer to prevent coupon over-usage by 1 customer

24/24 customer support is free and super helpful, according to the reviews on both Shopify and WordPress plugin directory.

#5 Sumome List builder

Another noted tool in Wordpress popup plugin list is Sumome List builder. This app focuses solely on collecting email subscribers with a simple and clean popup, for example like this:

Though Sumome popup is quite simple and basic, it’s really easy to create in 5 minutes. Upgrade to premium, you can have access to customization options and templates.

#6 Sales Pop — pop up recent sales notifications

A genius idea to leverage social proof in motivating customers to purchase, Sales Pop app picks successful orders and displays to visitors that someone has just bought an item with this store minutes ago, in form of a small corner slide-in popup.

By showing that others are making purchases, this clever popup plugin helps create a sense of a busy store, build trust and authenticity, that give visitors a confidence to start buying.

What’s great is, if your store is new and doesn’t have any real orders yet, you can create custom notifications to promote items you want to drive sales. Why not fake it till you make it?

#7 Checkout Boost — Countdown Timer, Social Sharing Popups

The average visit conversion rate (from visitor to paying customer) seen by eCommerce industry is 2.8%, meaning that only 2–3 in 100 visitors actually make a successful purchase.

This powerful WordPress popup plugin works on improving checkout rate by showing incentivising offers right after customers add a product to cart.

Here are 4 main types of offers you can create with Checkout Boost to encourage customers to go to checkout:

  • Countdown timer: offer them a free gift / discount / free shipping code if they complete order within a limited time
  • Social sharing: offer them a free gift / discount / free shipping code if they share their order to Facebook or Twitter (to bring you social referral traffic from their social networks)
  • Exit-intent: detect customers who are about to leave before checkout and offer them a free gift / discount / free shipping code

#8 OptinMonster

OptinMonster popup forms focus on exit-intent as their key feature. With easy to use popup builder, you can quickly tweak and customize the design within a few seconds to produce best result. Here’s the example of well-timed designed exit intent popup right in their website as a live demo for potential customers:

#9 Yeloni Exit Popup

The last mentioned Wordpress popup plugin in this list is Yeloni Exit Popup — another exit-intent focused popup form. They optimize the efficiency of their pop-ups by providing 3 types of Exit-Intent — Based on mouse movement, Clicking Browser Back button, Clicking Internal or External Link.

One thing to keep in mind is that the free version of this popup does not enable mobile and tablet screens.

Options are here, Choice is yours

We have exposed all great WordPress popup plugins so you don’t have to try a hundred ones in Wordpress directory. Now, it’s your turn to decide which one works best to help you grow sales for your online store. What works for one may not work for another, so the best next step is to try 2–3 plugins and see what fits your needs, looks best on your website and makes you feel most convenient to use.

Share with us your thoughts about these plugins after you try them. We’d love to update our list with better plugins you can find so that it benefits WooCommerce entrepreneurs the most.

Original published at Beeketing Blog: Top 10 Best Wordpress Popup Plugin 2017

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