Custom Angular/React seeds on StackBlitz

When it comes to coding I’ve always been fascinated by being able to quickly prototype an idea or isolate a problem.

Being able to rapidly spin up an environment and start hacking away on your idea or problem makes the barrier low and it allows you to focus on the actual problem at hand instead of setting up the context over and over again.

Over the last few years developer tooling has become better in doing this, hiding away the work to get the stack up and running and provide an easy starting point.

One of the most recent products that got released is StackBlitz, an awesome online environment to quickly spin up an Angular, React or Ionic project.

Custom Seeds

As the basic Angular and React apps from StackBlitz only provide the bare minimal, I figured it made sense to provide some custom seeds.

They consist of the basic Angular/React setup from StackBlitz, adds a few dependencies (like bootstrap and font-awesome) and creates some basic components to get you up to speed quickly. Navigation and routing are in place so when working based off this project you can start writing you components right away.

Angular Seedβ€Šβ€”β€ŠEditor

React Seedβ€Šβ€”β€ŠEditor

Try themΒ out!

Fork them, test them, extend them and tell me what you think should be added to the default projects! Enjoy!

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