Get Rid of Bees: 6 Easy Steps to Solve Your Problem

Bees are of numerous varieties and of different sizes and shapes and it would not be much surprising if one of those species plans to build their home in an inconvenient space for you in your property. Removal of bee hives can be tasks of high risk factor due to the violent nature of these insects. They are known to die for their homes when attacked and can be dangerous to even our lives.

Locate the hive

Even though this seems like an easy task, you might not find it that easy in practice. In order to find the precise position of the hive, you should observe and follow the bees. It has also been seen that these bee hives can be a lot bigger on the inside when compared to the outside. So don’t judge the hives based on their appearance and put some common sense into it.

Make a plan

A proper plan on what all things you plan to do is important for such a dangerous task. You might want to consider an escape route in case anything goes wrong. Also make sure to educate your partner if any of your plans. The tools that are to be used should be kept ready and within reach before proceeding with the task.

Dress up

Before proceeding further, check whether you have all the necessary equipments for safe removal of the hive. A sufficient amount of bee spray that works instantaneously would be of great use. In cases, where the bee hives are positioned at a height, you might want a ladder to climb. So make sure the ladder is stable on the ground and can resist considerable amount of jerking. It is also important that you focus completely on the job at hand.


Attack the hives with the bug spray after following all the precautions mentioned above. Safety is of prime importance in this kind of jobs. So if the bees are present in uncontrollable numbers, retreating would be the best option.

Reassess and reiterate

Keep a watch on the location of the hive for a few days after the removal. This is to avoid recreation of the hive in case any leftovers were unnoticed. So the hives must be damaged and removed completely before another group of bees begins to plan a recreation.

Dislodge and restore

The bees that were out while you were removing their hives would return after a few hours. It is better to leave them unharmed as they would not cause any problems of any sort. So the damages and repairs should be done after these bees have completely vacated the area i.e. after a day or so.

Bee hive removal is a dangerous task, but can be carried out by ourselves with proper precautions. However it would only be wise if you leave it to professionals in extreme cases. The job also needs proper supplies including hard clothing and proper covering for your face. Bug spray and smoker are among the other things required. Once you are equipped with all the proper supplies, just follow the above mentioned steps to safely remove the hives.

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