Birth/First/Real mothers, It is time to apologize!
Mae Claire

Dear Ms. Claire:

Thank you so much for writing this piece. I appreciate you giving insight to others what it is truly like to be an adoptee. You bring some important aspects to the forefront that those who were not adopted don’t even think is an issue.

I worked 9 years in child welfare, and 3 years in adoptions/ foster care specifically. When I was certifying a new home for children, we would have to get references from close friends regarding their abilities to become a foster/ adoptive parent. It would always anger and frustrate me when I would receive a reference that said, “a child would be very lucky to be placed with this family”. Why would the child be lucky to be separated from their biological family and be placed with strangers, just as you said?

I hope you continue to share your thoughts on the system, it is enlightening and important to express.

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