I earned £10,000 from Side Hustles in 4 Months

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In 2022 I earned £30,000 from blogging and I’m hoping to replicate that again in 2023. To keep myself both accountable and motivated I regularly share updates on my monthly income.

Between January and April I earned £10,000 from side hustles (I’m also employed part-time but this total ignores the income I make from employment).

Here’s the breakdown of where that income is from:

👩‍💻 Blogging £7,169
🤝 Referrals £1,379
🏆 Cash wins £824
📝 Surveys £334
👩‍🔬 Market research £230
🏦 Bank switch £175

Text: I earned £10,000 from side hustles in 4 month


I run the money blog beemoneysavvy.com where I share side hustles, money saving hacks and various free money offers. I’ve been blogging for 6 years and the income has gradually increased year upon year.

My blog generates income in 4 ways:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising networks
  • Freelance writing

I know lots of bloggers that run their blog full-time and I love running my blog, I also love my job so having a combination of both works for me.


I’m at an advantage when it comes to referral offers as I run a money blog and can often promote my referral links and codes via my blog.

However, anyone can share referral links on social media or with friends.

Cash Wins

Entering competitions is a hobby of mine. I’ve been very lucky in the past and have won a holiday to the Maldives and various cash, gadgets and gift vouchers. So far this year I’ve won £824.

I’ve been very lucky with my competition wins and I don’t really have a special technique to entering them, I just enter lots.


The funny thing about surveys is that people often moan about the fact that they’re low paying and they’re not wrong but if you can fit the odd survey around your day to day activities it’s easy money.

I earn £50-£100 a month completing surveys on Prolific and Swagbucks.

Market research

This is the side hustle I’d like to do more of! I’ve found market research calls to be one of the highest paying side hustles. Earn anything from £20-£150 an hour for sharing your opinion with a researcher.

I use UserInterviews to find high paying market research opportunities.

Bank switch

Lots of people stay clear of bank switching because they think it’s inconvenient. I switch banks regularly and have earned £575 in the past few years from switching banks.

I did the First Direct (£175) switch earlier this year, it was easy and the bonus money was in my account within the month.

At the time of writing this post HSBC (£200), NatWest (£200) & First Direct (£175) are all offering bank switching bonuses.

I enjoy the variety that comes with side hustles but it’s important to remember to rest and avoid burnout. The best side hustle will always be the one that you enjoy the most.



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