What Kind of Artwork Is The Market Demanding At Present?

Which subject matters should you be using if you wish for your artworks to make it to the best selling list? This brief discussion is aimed at providing you with a sound insight.

.Exploring art as an hobby is one thing, but using the same to earn your living is something entirely different. Many amateur painters often wonder as to what type of paintings have the most monetary value in the current market. Well, to begin with, there are only a handful of subjects which appeal to connoisseurs and casual art lovers at present. Although there is no saying as to whether a painting inspired by an in-demand subject would definitely sell or not, sticking to the popular subject matters can let you be more on the safe side.

So let’s take a look at the various subjects that you can use for your next contemporary acrylic painting:

Local Scenic Views & Traditional Landscapes

For quite a length of time, traditional landscapes have been a favourite subject for artists, and their appeal is intact even to this day. They can help to feature magnificent vistas and may either be painted while being directly outdoors, or from previously taken photographs. They often include various intimate scenes of woods, cityscapes, woods and rivers. Recreating something with nostalgic or sentimental significance can increase your chances of getting sold.

Nude Paintings & Figurative Art

A figurative or nude art can deliver a powerful message or represent a dynamic theme for the viewers, which is why it generally appeals to buyers. If you can create a figure or nude painting properly, it might just boost your chances of becoming a best seller. But bear in mind that this subject matter presents certain unique challenges of its own.

Abstract Landscapes & Seascapes

The category of landscape includes beach, harbor and seascape scenes, and these collectively form a very popular subcategory that’s in great demand among art buyers. Works recreated from scenic views of seaside towns and cities attract plenty of viewers. Semi-abstract and modern landscapes which provide a distinct interpretation of familiar views also serve as popular choices of “paintings that sell”.

Fully Abstract Paintings

The greatest upper hand that abstract artworks possess is the fact that they don’t have any relation to something external or a recognisable subject. As such, they can be interpreted by viewers in any way that they want to. Therefore, they always tend to stay somewhere on the list of best sellers.

This discussion might have provided you with plenty of idea about the subjects that you should use as a professional artist. So go ahead and try your hand at something inspired by one of these.