BEEQB’s silent news

Friends. Technological changes and additions in the development process of BEEQB.

1. We decided to change the front end technological solution. And in the coming month we will migrate from AngularJS to ReactJS. There are several reasons for this, one of which is the need for a more universal solution that requires significantly less resources at high loads.

2. We started developing our own wallet, which will support Bitcoin and BEE. This decision is dictated by the need to develop a much more functional wallet than what is now.

The main functions that we put into the wallet:

  1. BEE currency support;
  2. Ability to add a user to the account (use of one wallet by several users);
  3. Set daily and monthly limits for other users of the wallet;
  4. Support for the SnappyConfirm protocol — a quick confirmation of the transaction in the Bitcoin network with any mining fee;
  5. Creation of corporate wallets.
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