So, we’ll never meet a situation when shops accept the crypto

Sometimes in the news we read that in a certain city, a certain store has started accepting crypto. In 100% of cases, it looks like this: Shop accepts payment in the crypto at a fixed rate, after payment the customer receives the product, and the seller makes a check and pay in cash the amount in the national currency. It is the same if we read the news: Tesoc starts accepting MIR.

That is, for the state and society there is no concept of «payment in crypto». 
And with all love for a free economy, era of crypto, likely, will never happen.

Informed reader will say: “and how about debit cards with crypto currency accounts?”. I will reply: “It is the same if a pensioner from Astana would pay in Kazakh Tenge in the center of New York. Payment is by Visa or MasterCard, not a currency on it. Consequently we can pay in crypto if there is a stamp “We accept USD, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin” on the store. That is, it will be possible to pay for goods, and in the check will be written “Payment by Bitcoins”.

This information is enough to finish this article. But we are creating an ecosystem for a business with payment in crypto, so our article is just starting.

Some theories

The classic purchase and sale transaction for the client looks like this:

For business, the same deal looks like this:

That is, in every transaction business loses from 1 to 9%, and it does not matter how the transaction will be made If the client pays with card, the bank will deduct the percentage of acquiring from 1%, or with cash, then the business will pay for collection from 1%.

What BeeQB offers

As you know there is POS terminal in the BeeQB. That’s why you can use BeeQB as cash register. For this you have to buy cash register scales, barcode scanner, and everything what do you consider. Though you can do only a cheap check printer. And start accepting in BEQB tokens.

How does purchase and sale process look for clients?

1. The customer sees that the store accepts “BeeQB “ tokens. Therefore, before paying, says that he wants to pay in BeeQB tokens.

2. The seller chooses a payment option “qb”, asks the buyer to bring the phone to the camera.

3. The buyer opens the application, presses “Pay”, the screen shows the QR code. He brings QR to the camera.

4. Everything, the deal is completed.

How does purchase and sale process look for store?

1. The buyer asks to accept payment in BeeQB

2. The seller chooses the payment method “qb”. Click the “Pay” button.

3. The system recalculates the account amount in BEQB.

4. The camera window opens.

5. The seller asks you to bring the phone with a QR-displayed screen.

6. The client delivers phone.

7. The camera scans the image and determines whether this is really an open application or a screenshot. If all is well, then QB is written off from the buyer’s account, credited to the seller’s account by minus 0.1%, a check is printed.

8. Transaction completed.

What seller hast to do with BEQB?

Any businessman needs working capital. And as long as the penetration of BeeQB into the international market is less than 15%, our customers will have to pay in the fiat. We understand this, therefore, we have created a philosophy of working with crypto, which will suit for any business.

The withdrawal of fiat money

Receive money on BEQB account, the company can order their transfer to the company account in any currency of the system.

In fact, it will look like this:

1. The company specifies the amount of the transfer, for example 1,000 BEQB.
2. The platform checks the current average of token exchange rate, counts in the selected currency and shows the total receipt amount. 
3. The company confirms the transfer. 
4. And the money goes to the company’s account.

Getting Profits

The company can trade tokens on the stock exchange or give them on credit (on exchanges and in the system) at the desired rate.

Or you can always use a platform to withdrawal of fiat money:

What is the BEQB rate?

Taking into account that tokens will be traded on the exchanges, we will use the exchange rate, but not less than $ 1 per token. That is, if unexpected happens and the exchange rate will fall below $ 1 / token, then BeeQB will execute transactions at a rate not lower than the cost of ICO — $ 1 / token.

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