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Gold Medal Recipe! NEIPA!

Homebrew Fanatics!
May 2, 2017 · 1 min read

Who doesn’t love Gold medal winning beer??? This cracking NEIPA recipe came from the guys over at Northside Brewing, who were lucky enough to take out gold in a local Melbourne Home Brewing competition! As a result they were recently given the opportunity to upscale this recipe on a commercial system where it will be served on tap locally around Melbourne!



NEIPA (Gold Medal)


Volume: 20 L

OG: 1.055 (Efficiency 73.6%)

FG: 1.010

IBU: 72


Maris Otter: 48%

Wheat: 30%

Rolled Oats: 20%

Acid Malt: 2%



120ppm Sulphate

140ppm Chloride


Mash (pH of 5): 68c (60 min)

*adjust pH using phosphoric acid

Mash Out: 77c (10 min)


*75 min boil

Magnum: Target of 32.3 IBU (60 min)

Citra: 60g (Whirlpool, 20 min)

Galaxy: 40g (Whirlpool, 20 min)

Amarillo: 15g (Whirlpool, 20 min)

*1st Dry Hop at High Krausen

Citra: 40g (3 days)

Galaxy: 30g (3 days)

Amarillo: 10g (3 days)

*2nd Dry Hop at Stable Gravity

Citra: 80g (3 days)

Galaxy: 60g (3 days)

Amarillo: 40g (3 days)


Yeast: WLP644

Ferment: Pitch at 20c

At high krausen ramp slowly to 24c

After first dry hop, ramp to 26c


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