Use A Professional Voiceover For Your Videos

The quality of an explainer video is vital for your audience and is often the first look at your brand. Most explainer videos you come across on the internet rely on a narrator to tell the story and explain the value.

If you’ve hired someone to create your video, then you already know the importance of using a professional. They get the job done and know how to make sure it isn’t just slapped together. If you want something done cheap, I’m sure you have a niece or nephew who just started learning animation.

Just like great visual effects, the good ones only help to improve the story without making you think twice about them. An important piece of creating a quality video is the audio.

Good audio can really make a production shine and bad audio can destroy it. At the same time, good audio can’t make a bad production better but it will make even the best visually impressive video seem unprofessional. You’d be amazed how big a difference having clear, crisp audio will make in your production. If the audio is good, the audience won’t even notice it. But if there are crackles, hums, pops, or if it has bad audio levels, this will distract in some way and the audience will perceive it.

Surprisingly, the iPhone is a great tool for recording audio and often has an above average quality and surely sounds better than just recording with your default pre-installed laptop microphone. Its not exactly a professionals choice for voice over sound recording but it does sound better than you might think.

Still, nothing beats using the right microphones in a quality recording studio. It can really make the difference between a professional video and one that isn’t.

Now, we all can’t have a Morgan Freeman like golden voice that sounds good reading everything, so you’ll need to hire a professional voiceover talent for your video.

I’m not a professional voice over artists (even though I do have a lot of podcasts) so, I can’t make you feel the same emotion that a professional voice actor can. When we’re looking for voice over artists for projects I often use the site is an online marketplace that connects you with professional voice over talents. You can upload your script to the site and you’ll hear back and get auditions from a number of talented people in a short amount of time. There is also and several other sites which can also be great resources if you don’t want to use These sites feature talent at a reasonable rate so there is no reason your video shouldn’t sound as great as it looks.

Don’t let bad audio hurt your production.

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