Ferris Bueller? More Like Ferris Bully

Bueller…? Bully…?

  • Gaslight Cameron into thinking that the illness he contracted earlier that day isn’t an actual illness and it’s all in his head. First off, this time, Cameron is ill-ill. Secondly, these are the things we should not say to someone with health anxiety (I figured the article was written by a person who experiences hypochondria firsthand). We may help people dealing with health anxiety by challenging their beliefs considerately, but invalidating their struggle doesn’t cancel out the thing that they’re struggling with. Thirdly, remind me again: who’s the one faking illness here?
  • Keep on ridiculing Cameron even though he’s aware of Cameron’s issues.
  • Pester Cameron because Cameron doesn’t arrive at his house fast enough. Note that Cameron is stressed out and physically unwell, yet he’s still on the way for Ferris.
  • Force Cameron to lie to the school’s principal as the father of Ferris’ girlfriend, Sloane, so Sloane could cut school under the pretext that her grandmother is “dying”. When the conversation doesn’t go as planned — Ferris never briefs Cameron about it anyway — Ferris insults Cameron. As if that’s not enough, Ferris makes Cameron apologize and would only accept it on one condition: Cameron has to let Ferris take Mr. Frye’s precious Ferrari. Ferris knows that the older Frye doesn’t trust the younger Frye, and Cameron raises his objections, but does Ferris give a fuck? (Spoiler: he doesn’t.)
  • Reinforce Cameron’s anxiety by dragging his ass into their grand day off before graduation while Cameron is supposed to be resting. And then during the entire odyssey, Cameron’s mind is preoccupied with his father and the car. Realizing that he’s been fucked real good, he goes into a catatonic state. Ferris doesn’t take things seriously up until Cameron attempts to off himself.
  • Not keep his promise about how he’s going to make the car looks exactly as it was before. To be fair, Ferris does offer to take the blame and tries to put some sense to him, which Cameron refuses. It’s actually a “good for him!” moment that Cameron can finally release his pent-up frustration and has the guts to stand up to his father, but Ferris remains guilty, for reasons which I’ll lay out in the following section.

Ferris’ Portrait of “Friendship”

Ending Toxic and Abusive Friendship by Acknowledging Its Existence

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