The birth of the Beercoin

The idea of a beer-based cryptocurrency started in the summer of 2017 when I was drinking beer with a friend of mine. A lot of new cryptocurrencies were created at that time, so my interest got caught and I started looking into building a mining rig. But after a short while I realized that competing against the Chinese electricity prices would be a daunting task and I stopped my pursuit of a mining rig and simply wished there would exist a mining option I could simply be a part of.

During the surge of new cryptocurrencies I stumbled upon a crypto for the dental industry and this was the starting point of the Beerchain project. It simply seemed like a bad joke that there was a cryptocurrency for virtually everything, but beer was well under-represented. This in itself felt like a challenge to the German beer spirit and I wanted to correct it as soon as possible.

I asked two close friends who I thought would be a perfect match for the taskforce I was about to create to join me. While the one I wanted to be the designer liked the idea from the beginning, the programmer-to-be was sceptical for a longer time. I tried to convince him several times over a period of several weeks and already was about to give up. Finally, however, he surprisingly joined and ironically later became highly passioned about the project in particular and cryptocurrencies in general, so he made massive time investments to gain expertise in that area.

After the core team was formed we wasted no time setting up a company we called Beerchain Technology to start working on the Beercoin with utmost commitment to give the world what it really needed: the beer-based cryptocurrency.

Tobias Meyer, Founder of Beerchain Technology