077–07006, July 6

|077–07006, New Jersey|

Good marketing strategies, promotion, and execution get me. I love clever names, or labeling, or witty ideas. Carton Brewing does a great job at catching my attention. The information of the beer (name, SRM, alcohol percentage, and IBUs) is literally popping out of a box on the can. That was a smart idea.

Look: With an SRM of 5, this beer is an off-gold color. It has a slight haze with a typical one finger, white head. It has some lacing, but nothing profound.

Aroma: This DIPA smells of spices, flowers, and Earthiness. It is pretty dank smelling overall.

Mouthfeel: 077–07006 is zesty and bitter. The floral aspect follows through to the taste. The beer finishes with spices and has heavy malts.

General Impression: Personally, I am not a fan of the Earthy/Spice/Floral flavors, but I can appreciate that it was done well. While I would not choose this beer over many other DIPAs, it is unique. Given a rating of 3/5, it is worth a try but do not get your hopes up.

077–07006. 7.8%.

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