Artaic, August 5

|Artaic, Massachusetts|

This here, is my last Trillium beer. Glad to have the bottle, now that they have switched the cans, but cannot wait to get my hands on those sweet cans. But anyway, here we go.

Look: This beer had no haze whatsoever. It was a bright yellow color with a small head that resided quickly.

Aroma: Artaic was partly sweet, from the honey, and partly flowery. It was a good combination and I couldn’t wait to try a sip.

Mouthfeel: This beer is a little more bitter than I expected it to be. There were hints of spice and floral tastes. It was kind of earthy but not too much, which I was grateful for.

General Impression: I could sit and enjoy each and every tiny sip, yet drink it so quickly. This beer was sophisticated and crushable. This is rated 4/5 and I loved having this beer.

Artaic. 8.5%.

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