The Start

Near the end of last school year, I decided “Alright, it’s time to start enjoying beer.” I was nearly 22 and I drank only Rum and Coke or whatever fruity drink the bartender gave me. Ha!

I bought Shocktop variety packs. I couldn’t even handle the Belgian White. I stuck to Honeycrisp Apple as much as I could. I’m not one to be “patient,” whatever that is. So a week or two went by and I still didn’t like the Belgian White. what the heck. Here I was, paying for a six-pack every week, and dumping nearly half of it. Even though I knew I still couldn’t handle the Belgian White.

But eventually something clicked. I found light beers, and I learned to work myself up to different beers. I learned what IBUs are, I learned that an IPA was rough and a lager was light, and I learned to take it one beer at a time.

Here we are, nearly a year later. I own a beer journal, I try new beers as often as I can, and I ENJOY BEER. Miracles happen.