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“ But it’s time to wonder how much we want wins and losses determined by Nugent or Robbie Gould missing kicks. It was a bad day for kickers overall”

Yes Clark. That’s the point. If the extra points weren’t meant to be important, they wouldn’t be in the game. The 94–95% mark we see now is what was once the norm. This is just a level set. It’s possible that 30 years from now kicking from 32 yards will become 99.5%, and they’ll have to revisit it again.

If you want the kicks to be automatic, then why not just remove them altogether.

The issue is one of coaching…of real ineptitude, a reluctance to change, and a fear of math, to keep trotting out their kickers for singles. Much like Billy Beane was once ridiculed for valuing on base percentage, you will soon see “brave” coaches making two-pointers the rule, and singles the exception.