Cruz, Rubio and Kaisch….

I made no comment on whether or not they were acceptable. I simply said that any one of them would have beaten Clinton, so the Democratic strategy was to find a way to influence Republicans to pick Trump. You even allude to it in your own response “Cruz is worse than Chump since he’s actually intelligent enough to sell his horrible policies”…ergo, if Cruz was the Republican nominee he might actually be able to convince enough people to make him President.

And — wow!!! In a hypothetical federal election where the two candidates are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (or Rubio or Kasich) you would select Trump!?!?!?! And you call me unhinged?

Maybe I am a Clinton hater, but I have no love for Trump either. All I can do is stare in awe at how 330 million Americans got whittled down to these two clowns.

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