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So…what “change” does he exactly want to see? Specifically? In other words, what would cause him to end his protest and declare that the racial bias he is protesting is no longer occurring?

If he gets cut this week it will be moot, but is this a season long protest? Career long? Life long? Will he refuse to stand when he’s 80 years old and attending a baseball game with his grand-kids?

It’s all fine and dandy to make a statement, and frankly, I chuckle at the mindless behavior of everyone standing at sporting events for the anthem — be honest, who here stands in their living room when it’s played on TV? Most people do it because they don’t want to be yelled at or beat up — so, really, are we better than the Commies or Nazis in that regard? But, regardless of my own opinion of this tradition, Kap has struck a chord, which was the intent.

But I don’t think he’s actually thought about the end game. Here’s clearly stated he will continue to do this until things change. The racial bias he talks about will be around for decades, even if extreme positive changes starts today.

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