what is wordcoin?

WORD.EXPERT is present for you the world’s finest blocking product.
The multi-functional platform allows users to transact in WORDCOIN, a supported cryptography
by carrying service provided. Here, users can get interconnected and completed services,
simply united in the frame platform, the task:

WE will become the world’s largest powered copywriting platform. Use this
system, Customers will be able to order high quality materials and simplify, while benefiting from
smart contract guarantee Customers will be able to order various services,
including reviews, articles, press releases, booklets, etc. After selecting copywriter
with the desired rank and alignment with the same price and terms for the order
Customer will receive completed work at the right time, agree to the same, and
transfer to the Contractor with the amount of remuneration stipulated by the WORDCOIN Contractor,defined by

After that, the parties to the agreement can rank each other

What is Word Expert ?

A multifunctional platform that allows users to transact in wordcoin, a cryptocurrency that will give you a service. Here, the users can get connected and complete services, with the user notes being in one wordcoin platform container.

Word Expert will become the world’s largest copywriting platform using blockchain technology. By using Word Expert you can order high quality materials and memsan various services such as reviews, articles, press releases, booklets etc. In addition to using Word Expert you can also quickly create a multi language website with SEO support (Search Engine Optimization) with a low cost.


The WE platform serves as a meeting point for collaborators to join together for easy launch
complex strategy, while winning from the ease and ease of intuitive interface and not
need agent This site will have two main user groups: Customers, who place and pay
orders, and Contractors, which provide services for copywriting, translation and / or proofreading,
SEO optimization text, high quality backlink sales, and website admins, where buyers can rent
web pages and content controls on them.

Main Participant for Decentralized Platform

The customer will be able to create a one-time task, for example to write a specific decision letter
text, including pricing and settlement requirements, or preparing multi-layered and long-term assignments, including
Involvement by various Contractors, who will join the project, if the Customer has decided
accept their offer
On the platform, Customer will be able to set up a one-time project, which may, for example,
requires writing articles, and determining the desired price and completion terms.

the other hand, Customers can always create multi-layer project, which will involve a number of Contractors
approved by the Customer.
The Customer and the Contractor may decide to accept the offer with an assessment guide,
assigned by previous partner based on previous agreement result. After finishing the job,
Customer may accept the post or request some changes made, provided that: a
Sufficient expansion, major changes must be made. After Customer chooses and
Attacking agreement with Contractor, the amount of each, in WORDCOIN currency, will be frozen
in Customer’s account.

When Customer has accepted the job, the amount will be transferred to
Contractor account
Multi-layer project to manage brand reputation is a great example of complex multi-task tasks
can be processed on the WE platform in a subtle and thoughtful way.

Customer can identify
the required field of expertise and automatically view the list of theme-based sites
which articles can be posted, and the names of copywriters and translators, who are already working on this
segment and rated high, as well as other appropriate Contractors.

At a later stage, the Customer will see recommendations on structures and deadlines for
project, based on previous projects successfully completed on the platform, which can be easily applied
for the project Customers can choose the most appropriate site according to theme or price,
make a job offer to write or rewrite and include work for publication and backlinking
web pages rented for a certain period of time.

The Customer needs to determine WORDCOINdenominated
the price he wants to pay for an individual job. Customer may send
offer to the recommended Contractor or provide job offers on the platform. Once the Contractor has
accepted, he can immediately start work.

Utilizing the intuitive interface and AI-powered capabilities, help make complex recommendations
list, Customer only takes 30 minutes to prepare project offer.

After that, the system will send
out notice to Customer, either via e-mail or mobile app, whenever the work has been wrapped
up, so that he can accept the job and assign a rating or ask the Contractor to make some changes.

Within a few months, users who enter the company’s name Customers in search engines will see
TOP-10 results with the web page that he or she leases, contains the information he / she wants
communicating with potential customers, in various languages and maximum coverage
various search engines.

Smart contractors are used to establish core terms and conditions for orders and will
then stored in blockchains. The following identification (N; O; C; P; T; A) is used,

Order number;
O — Customers; 12
Р — Price;
Т — Term of completion;
Job is accepted by the Customer.

Other project-related data, such as actual copywriting or translation material, ratings, posted
backlinks, will be stored on the server, making the system work fast and free of overload.
All payments in KITA will be made in WORDCOIN’s cryptourrency, in accordance with the value of the service
provided here WORDCOIN will provide a sustainable growth rate, driven by a limited supply and
accelerating growth in demand for platform services.

More Information here :
Official website: https://wordcoin.io
Telegram: https://t.me/wordcoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wordcoin_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wordcoin.io/
White paper: https://wordcoin.io/wp/WP_WORDCOIN_English.pdf
ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2152962.0

My bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1107684

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