some people have the opinion that all honey to be had inside the marketplace is natural and acquired from the wild. Others sense that during its manufacturing executed on chemically sprayed farms it can not get infected with the pesticides sprayed at the plants and weeds.but, the truth is that the bees may additionally get stricken by the significant pesticide utilization which is going on inside the chemically treated farms. the issue is so excessive that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, warned Barack Obama in can also 2013 that if the immoderate manipulate of pesticides is not reduced, it could result in a globally volatile situation as the bee populace during the sector becomes extra and more affected. If pesticides can kill the bees, how can they no longer affect the honey produced via those bees? moreover, non-organic manufacturing includes substantial usage of antibiotics for disorder manage. It should additionally be mentioned that to date, there may be no “clinical” proof that organic honey is more healthy than non-organic.Then why have to you consume natural honey? 
nicely, many human beings choose to be cautious. most of our decisions are based totally on our ideals and moral sense. for the reason that organic production entails following stringent recommendations, human beings sense secure once they eat organic honey as compared to after they devour non-natural. Given below are a number of the methods wherein pesticide and antibiotic infection of honey can take location:

contamination of insecticides in Honey:

Honey may be contaminated with the insecticides sprayed on crops via one or more of the subsequent ways:

-In a few instances, when the flowers and weeds containing plants have been sprayed with pesticides, the bees are poisoned with pesticides. At times, the pesticide is sprayed at the bees immediately.
-in lots of cases, the bees gather nectar and pollen that has been infected with pesticides.when pesticides are sprayed, part of the amount is amassed in water on or close to the plant life. when the bees drink this water, they may be also infected.
On some occasions, the pesticide receives sprayed on the bee hives or receives 
transported to it from the sprayed vegetation.

Residues of Antibiotics:

conventional the bees are given huge doses of antibiotics to help defend them from illnesses, but lamentably, the honey also turns into contaminated with those antibiotics. In 2002, samples of chinese language honey 
were tested for the presence of antibiotics in Europe. numerous samples were discovered to incorporate strains of antibiotics, which led to a ban on imports of chinese language honey in Europe. The ban was later eliminated in 2004 because of enhancements in chinese veterinary requirements and imports of honey from China had been resumed.

What results in this antibiotics contamination?

in contrast to organic production, traditional honey production does now not involve stringent 
tips for the amount and mode of transmission of antibiotics to 
the bees. As a result, apiculturists have a free hand when the usage of these antibiotics. when farmers use excessive portions of antibiotics the threat of contamination increases.

what is the trouble with residues of antibiotics being determined in honey? 
The antibiotics given to the bees are veterinary antibiotics which includes 
chloramphenicol, streptomycin and sulfonamides. large doses of chloramphenicol administered into the people may additionally purpose cancer and aplastic anemia. further, high doses of streptomycin and sulfonamides 
are harmful to the human body.
each the charge and the fitness benefits of honey are depending on its first-rate, so it has turn out to be very critical for each the manufacturers and consumers to apprehend the various factors that have an effect on the nice of honey. some of these elements encompass the sort of flora used inside the formation of the honeycombs, the mixing technique, storage situations, temperature of heating, and lots of more. these factors were explained in more detail below:

kind of plants: 
according to the Honey studies center at the college of Waikato, New Zealand, there isn’t always sufficient evidence to draw conclusions on the homes of honey, mainly the antimicrobial properties, based totally at the type of vegetation used for its manufacturing. however, massive studies has been carried out on the honeydew variety acquired from the conifer forests within the significant european mountains and the manuka range received from New Zealand. 
The above mentioned honeydew type has been observed to have high microbial activity while manuka kind has been found to have excessive non-peroxide pastime.

it’s also believed that polyfloral honey (that’s obtained from a couple of flower) offers more benefits than monofloral. hence many organizations sell mixed honey as it offers the blessings from a diffusion and is consequently considered to be more healthy than non-combined.

when saved for an extended duration, honey will become darker in colour. It loses a number of its properties and can also ferment if the water content material is too excessive. therefore, extended garage ought to be 
avoided, at the same time as newly harvested honey is nearly constantly desired.

Heating honey results in drastic modifications in its chemical composition. As a end result, heating to excessive temperatures reduces its benefits. it is no marvel many people select uncooked or organic or raw 
organic honey. even as raw through definition indicates less processing (and no heating), organic honey is ready using stringent organic production strategies and processing standards, wherein heating to excessive 
temperatures isn’t allowed.

Water content: 
Honey also can undergo fermentation. If the water content is excessive (above 19%), the possibilities of it becoming fermented are excessive. you could measure the water content the use of a refractometer.furthermore, freely flowing honey either incorporates higher water content material 
or has been heated to disturb the natural crystallization process, thereby reducing the advantages it’ll confer to you.

The colour is a totally beneficial tool to judge its quality. light colored honey is greater valued than dark coloured as the former has a sensitive flavor. It turns into darker upon garage and heating.

 maximum of the benefits are because of the presence of the pollen within the honey. with out the pollen, honey is a glucose-fructose answer, and is simply as terrible for you as sugar. sadly, companies 
marketplace the obvious clean product as proper fine, while in reality, extremely-filtered honey does now not have many health blessings at all. That being said, you need to be very cautious even as consuming pollen-rich 
honey. when you have pollen allergy, keep away from ingesting it.

advantages OF natural HONEY:
1. Weight loss
2. Natural Drink
3. Boosts memory
4. Cough Syrup
5. Sleep aid
6. Treats Dandruff
7. Treats Wounds And Burns