As a designer working predominantly with small business owners, I meet a lot of people who’ve never worked one-on-one with a designer before, usually because they’ve also never launched their own business before, let alone one with a website attached to it. This can be either a boon or a bane for both parties and if you belong to either one, it’s important that you understand why.

Having started my own business from the ground up, I understand the desire to get things up and running quickly and in the most cost-effective way feasible. Every resource is precious — time, money, energy — and cutting corners will become something of a survival mechanism for a while until you can truly hold your own. …

How fortunate are those able to move through so many spaces with such ease.

How fortunate one must be to, without a second thought, silence the cries and the pleas and the anger from those stranded on the other side.

How fortunate they must feel, to be able to shut out the blinding light of the world outside of theirs, with no more effort than it takes to draw close their velvet curtains.

To mute. To block. To ignore.

To write off the frustrations of others as negativity. To cast the struggles of others as beneath them and irrelevant. …

Listen, child. Listen.

Listen, child, to the sound of my voice. Not to the noise that surrounds you.

Listen, child, to my words that are spoken. Not to the ones that are heard.

Listen, softly, with everything you have, to the ones who push you forward. Not to the ones who hold you back.

When you’re weary, listen to the words that give you strength. When you’re afraid, listen to the words that build your courage. When you’re uncertain, listen to the words that reassure you.

Amidst the commotion the world over, there is still tranquility to be found. There is still someplace that welcomes you, warms you and keeps you whole. At times, painfully distant. Other times, only a whisper away. But first, child, you must listen.


Bee The Designer

Billie “Bee” Bryan. Eco-Conscious Creative Professional from The Cayman Islands, specialising in design for small businesses. Quirky. Open-Minded. Vegan.

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