I’ve been struggling with something for a while now and I never could quite figure out how to articulate it. But I’m tired of not saying anything about it, which is funny, given that it involves speaking up and reaching out to others to say, “Hey. I get it. I’ve been there.”

And in all too many cases, “I’m still there.”

The struggle being: how are you supposed to communicate that to anyone when the experience you’re referring to largely involves feelings of being ignored, misunderstood or lied to? How do you tell someone you empathise with them in the pain they feel from people not empathising with them? How do you come across as genuine when so many others only claim to be?

When so many others have given you so little reason to trust anyone, it can be immensely difficult to tell the difference when someone trustworthy finally comes along.

I just want to be able to tell those who are going through what I can so intimately relate to that they’re not alone. That yes, someone actually gives a damn. And maybe, hopefully, make them believe it.

Written by

Billie “Bee” Bryan. Eco-Conscious Creative Professional from The Cayman Islands, specialising in design for small businesses. Quirky. Open-Minded. Vegan.

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