Building an Orchestra from Nothing

The Challenge, the Journey

It’s New Years Eve, 2017 and I’m writing about my dream. My great, big, outlandish dream, which I first wrote about here:

Music transcends time and space. It is perhaps the most powerful language. It has power to heal broken hearts, to uplift us when we’re sad, and to calm us down when we’re anxious. What fortune to create an orchestra that will inspire with its beauty and drive, bring communities together, and be a clarion call for peace. Everything I’ve experienced in these last 58 years has been leading up to this great opportunity. Knowing that this orchestra will impact countless lives is so exciting!

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony is going to be performed during the first season. And his vocal music: an orchestration of Beethoven’s song In Questa Tomba Oscura (In This Dark Tomb), the concert aria Ah, Perfido! (Ah! You treacherous, faithless, barbaric traitor, you’re leaving?), Mozart’s 6th Symphony, written at age 11, Brahms’s Human Requiem, Carmina Burana, the Meistersinger Prelude, and Bach. Oh yes! Orchestrations of his Chaccone, and Toccata and Fugue in D minor. And dancers too! A new choreographed production of Ravel’s Bolero! And young, teenaged soloists playing virtuoso concertos.

Embarking on the fundraising campaign is akin to setting out to climb one of the 14,000 foot mountains in Colorado! It’s the adventure of my lifetime!

You may donate here: