BEETon’s Smart Contract Bounty

May 27, 2018 · 2 min read

BEETon is a multi-tenant DApp that allows bettors to bet on the rise and fall of Cryptocurrency prices or become a “Booth Owner” (Microsite owners), where they can manage their own microsite and create races for bettors. BEETon also allows Booth Owners the opportunity to create exclusive races where bettors would be whitelisted by the race creator.

Beta version is currently deployed on Rinkeby Testnet

Important Links:

Bugs will be prioritized on a first reported basis.


Bugs leading to:

  • The stealing of user funds (Race.sol): 1ETH
  • Locking of user funds (Race.sol): 0.5 ETH

Other bugs:

  • O.1 ETH

Bounty Ends: May 31th 12:00 UTC


  • Bounty Race Address: 0x29d2c7a013f935be6f13b1efc2ad02f075f70f37
  • betting start time: 5/26/2018, 10:10:00 PM
  • Race start time: 5/28/2018, 9:09:34 PM
  • Race Duration: 24 hours

How it works:

  • Select a likely winner by placing a bet on it (minimum allowed bet is 0.1ETH). Bets are placed from a browser with Metamask extension or Mist.
  • The real-time price of the participating coins list will be updated every 15 second to guide bettors in the course of betting.
  • The race contract ( controls all the rules including the user funds. Rules include minimum bet, betting start time, race start time, duration, start price, end prices, reward takeout, rewards payout etc. Rewards and takeout are done automatically without any EXTERNAL INFLUENCE.
  • Pool Betting (Parimutuel Betting): winner(s) take all (fees either 5% if race is created by house or 6% (3% house + 3% booth owner) if race is created by booth/microsite owner.
  • To verify your race and bets checkout My Profile menu (My Bets & My Claimed Rewards).
  • At the end of a race click Completed Races submenu, select your race and check if you have a reward to claim.
  • Confetti will be dropped for all winners

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