Fantastic Hula Hooping Workouts You Can Do At Home.

Bee Varga The Hula Hooper
3 min readOct 14, 2021

When the pandemic hit, the world changed dramatically. People of all ages were required to stay home. Social gatherings and gyms were shut down for a long stretch of time, grocery stores and essential businesses shortened their hours and limited capacities, and many restaurants were take-out only. Students transitioned to learning at home and working remotely became even more mainstream. With more down and desk time, staying active and healthy was more important than ever and became a good outlet for people.

Fitness instructors around the world rose to the occasion and created fun fitness challenges, wonderful YouTube content, tricky TikTok dances, and many provided free online classes. Without access to our normal gym equipment and regimens, we had a chance to get creative and try new things.

Our world has now settled into a state of “new normal,” but it is still important to stay healthy and fit.

What if you could do a workout in the comfort of your own home that feels more like play than work?

Many workouts require a special wardrobe and equipment. With hula hooping, all you need is your hoop and a little space. Remember to wear something comfortable!

Why Try Hula Hooping?

These 5 beautiful people from different backgrounds share their experience with hula hooping and why you should try it too!

How and where do I find a hoop?

The type and size of hoop you use can make a big difference. Here is a hula hoop buying guide to help set you up for success!

Where do I begin?

Did your hula hoop drop the first time you tried? That is how we all started and we promise that it only gets better from here!

Here are 7 Fantastic Hula Hooping Workouts you can do at home:

1- First Hooping Workout for Absolute Beginners

Did you acquire your shiny new hoop? How exciting! Let’s jump right into it! This is the intro to hula hooping that we all wish we had. Time to grab your hoop and to enjoy the journey of being a beginner!

2- Hooping Workout 2 : Learn the Basics of Hula Hoop Dance

Your body and your mind have to work hard the first several times that you hula hoop. This workout is fun and easy so that you can enjoy moving in your body while improving your fitness and coordination!

3- Hula Hoop Dance Tutorial for Beginners Workout #3

Learn the basics of hula hoop dance step by step. Have fun, sculpt your physique, boost your confidence, improve your coordination, and also enjoy a massage all at the same time. You really can have it all with hula hooping!

4- Get Fit Dancing With a Hula Hoop Workout #4

Remember that your hooping journey is not a race. Here is your chance to play, explore, and go at your own pace! This is a stress-free zone and the moves are here to help you explore your potential, grow and playfully try weird and wonderful new ways to move your body.

5- 15 Minute Full Body Hula Hoop Workout for All Levels

Here is a fun and quick hula hoop workout for beginners and “not so beginner” hula-hoopers. There are lots of options to keep you challenged and entertained while you get fitter and improve your coordination!

6- Outdoor Hula Hoop Walking for Fitness and Fun

Spending time outdoors is uplifting and walking has so many benefits for the body, mind, and soul. Let’s combine the two together! Let’s go for a walk with your hula hoop and enjoy a workout that is amazing for your core, coordination, cardiovascular fitness, and overall health.

7- Tik Tok Tutorial Hula Hooping Dance for Beginners

The fun has only begun and now it is time to put together all of these shiny new skills we have learned. Here is a fun Tik Tok dance tutorial that is full of options for all levels and abilities. Have fun!

Hopefully these videos have helped you embark on your hula hooping journey. Hula hooping is a fun exercise that improves coordination, balance, and cardiovascular fitness that feels more like play.

For more hula hooping tips, tricks, and tutorials, visit:

Happy Hooping and remember that if you hoop drops, just pick it up and keep spinning!