Your True Talent Will Set You Free

When you get home from work, do you feel enriched, fulfilled and empowered? Or does it seem like you just finished an uphill battle on a treadmill? Imagine being paid to do what you love. You could return home feeling as though time stood still. Being “in the zone” virtually all day.

Coming home invigorated knowing you consistently live a natural high.
If this doesn’t describe your day, then try the simple method below to reveal your true talent. Once you identify your unique expression, you will be motivated to experience it virtually everyday.

You will have a deep burning desire to feed your soul and share it with the world. When you comprehend your purpose, engage it regularly. Perhaps Albert Einstein said it best, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

Your true, unique talent originates deep within your soul. Your heart is your direct connection to your soul. Therefore, speaking and listening to your heart will surface your true talent. Some people even say it’s the reason you were put on this Earth. To experience your true nature with no boundaries and no embarrassment. To express your soul like no one else can. And to enrich other people’s lives.

You can discover your unique talent in only 4 steps. Here, it’s crucial you follow Lord Thomas Dewar’s advice, “Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open.” Do the following every night for 21 consecutive nights:
Place a new piece of blank paper on your night stand.
Write “While I sleep tonight, I am connected with my heart and soul. I allow myself to travel with the Ultimate Spirit. I bring back to my consciousness my honest desire, life purpose and grand plan to integrate with our current society to benefit others and myself. I now release the power and intentions of these words. And this is so.”

Go to bed. Close your eyes. Mentally repeat the same phrase until you fall asleep.
During the next 21 days, remain consciously alert for any clues to your answer.

Remember, following your intuition is manifesting that first thought that is unencumbered with human influence. In other words, if a desire “pops in your mind” to do something, do it without alteration. Internally ask your heart if it’s your answer. If it feels right, may the wind be at your back and propel you to a wonderful journey filled with joy, laughter, love and excitement.

In conclusion, when you discover, express and make a living with your true talent, you will live in bliss. You will soar like an eagle with your unique imprint. Life will be as it was meant to be. In short, as Dr. King emotionally said, you will be “Free at last. Free at last. Free at last!”



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