Tell your story about to share 200 USDT now!
Nov 5, 2019 · 2 min read is the first fully transparent integrated crypto exchange, and jointly invested by Pivot (the world’s largest blockchain investment exchange platform), BHEX (the world-leading DeFi technology service platform ) and Blackpool (a blockchain service provider). offers a 200 USDT reward to encourage you to share your story about

You can share your ideas, experiences, etc. about We are welcome different creative thoughts to show your passion for our exchange.

Each of your articles shows your great support. We deeply appreciate your passion and give you a reply as soon as we get the submit. Please keep the focus on official channels where more details and communication will be found.

What you are focused more on this event

Event Date

Submission Deadline: 11/7

Announced time: 11/8

Reward Setting

To take part in this event, 6 luckiest winners will be picked at random

1 of you will win 80 USDT

2 of you will win 30 USDT

3 of you will win 10 USDT

3 Winners will be picked according to followings:

Most Liked Article: 10 USDT

Most Commented Article: 10 USDT

Most Retweeted Article: 10 USDT

Participate Qualifications:

Your article should be:

  1. At least 300 words
  2. Keywords “” must be related in your title and your article should be about Exchange

(Reference files: )

  1. English only
  2. Share your article on the public channel, like Medium, Reddit and or Steem and so on

Your twitter should:

  1. Follow @beexofficial
  2. Retweet @beexofficial pinned Tweet and @ 3 friends

And then submit your ID, Article Post Link, and Tweet:

Meeting above all requirements, you will have a chance to share 200 USDT.

After you have submitted the article, we will contact you and inform you whether you are qualified to join the draw.

Remember: Winners will be announced on 11/8, so please submit your article before 11/7.

Join in official Telegram group to discuss event:

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