Would you consider custom software for your business?

Why buy Off-the-shelf, when you can get Tailor-made that fits?

This is the fundamental question that one must ask when deciding between investing in free online software or custom made, for your businesses needs and development thereof.

Software, in any business, makes a crucial component in its performance and day-to-day tasks. Businesses often resort to using free or cheap and down-loadable software applications to help them automate different business functions, like labor return, costing and material billing, accounting functions etc without fully realizing that using such generic applications tend to limit their ability to stay ahead of competitors.

Increase productivity in your workplace

It is of vital importance for business owners and managers alike, to consider what they currently have and don’t have and if a more customized conception will increase productivity when exploring software needs.

You may think building custom software is expensive, however the mutual ROI (Return Of Investment) can be well worth the energy, resources, and time put into its dedicated development.

It is impossible to meet every business need with Off-the-shelf software. Therefore, if your business has technical or specialized needs, the answer could be in custom-made software and may be a better fit for your services, clients and staff.

Off-the-shelf software is restricted

Majority of off-the-shelf software will not allow you to alter its practicality in a meaningful way. In addition, It may not be compatible with the other existing programs your business system may already have, hindering your efficiency. If you build your own software or get it built by a professional, the integration probability with a wider set of APIs (Application programming interface) is greater.

Programs that are specifically designed with your needs in mind can enable your team to work smarter and even faster, thus increasing efficiency and productivity. Your employees will also fair better by having all the data in one place, as opposed to shifting between multiple programs and platforms and interrupting their work-flow, which is the culprit of many a time-waster.

Last but not least, finding the right company that can assist you with this task is also of vital importance, as time is money, and not all software development companies have to damage your bank account. Finding the right company can be the difference between spending over your budget and waiting forever for a half-job, or spending the right amount and getting a quality, workable product from the word go!

Because custom software is built around what a company already does, the processes are less foreign to staff and team members. Requiring a lot less configuration work and training, it should be already be second nature to the staff. Some companies offer the training of staff as part of the package, so you would not have to spend extra money or personal time getting your staff trained.

Finally, It is also worth keeping in mind that a good developer wont have a problem with handing over the source code for the program. Thus, giving you the reigns to retain control over your new software, for any reason.