How to become a good writer?


I asked this question to Tchassa Kamga, a very good friend of mine who is a writer. His answer on was quite simple.

To get better at writing, you first need to write.

Actually I asked the question on hoping for a miracle answer, hoping to find the key that would unlock my brain and give me the capability to reach my goal (dream?): beautiful words matched beautifully.

I tried to write. Several times. But I am not good with fiction at all. My texts feel… lame, a pale copy of something way better, a failed attempt to share a story that is not mine. I suck at writing fiction.

What I love is to bleed words. I love when they hurt, when the pain is unbearable, when I can’t hold them back anymore, when my hands itch because they want to ease my pain. I love vomiting words, I love vomiting my reality to the point of abdominal pain. I love my words to be a part of me I carried for a while and then give birth to.

That’s why I suck at writing fiction. I can’t share what I did not experience, either personally or through my entourage.

I can’t lie to the paper, I can’t lie on the paper.

And that’s where the problem is.

My fear of writing is directly related to my fear of sharing parts of me, of my reality. I don’t talk about myself. My “writer friend” told me once “When I read what you write, I don’t feel you. I feel what your emotions feel. You tell me about them, not about you”. Why? Simply because I never open up. Either to myself or to others.

So, I decided to kill the “Yeah… but…” part of me.

I decided to stop looking for excuses not to do what I want to do. I am opening a new door, not knowing what is behind.

I will not talk about ex and/or current boyfriends, my family, my friends, my inner circle. I am not here to share my secrets or to make a reality show of my life. I am here to talk about me, myself and I. I am here to share my experience as a human.

So, let me introduce to you the human I am choosing to be on a daily basis.