Why I don’t want to be the next Oprah anymore

C. Befoune
Jan 4, 2018 · 3 min read
Source: Sooper Mexican

So I met a guy.

We talk a lot. Like A LOT ! And one of our favorite topics is common truth and common ways of living our lives. How most of us perceive ourselves through societies’ norms and how instead of being ourselves, we look for existing models and try our best to be like them and have an illusion of success.

If you read me here on Medium, you know I was all about being the new (or the next) Oprah. That was one of my goals. One of the biggest ones actually. I love everything about the woman, from how she lives her life to how she handles her media business and spread it to food and other stuff. I love her achievements. Except that at the end of the day, it is all about her, never about me.

Having her as “goal” clouded my perception of what I was supposed to be doing to be genuinely useful and helpful to my target and thrive. Wanting to be like her made me do what she does, except that what she does is so far from my reality to the point that the product I was putting out there was fun, ok, but not really useful.

Oprah was not the only goal to me. There is this media. Global Citizen. I hate them meeeen ! They did everything I am dreaming of : making citizen participation and civic news cool. My goal was to crush them. Not as destroying them, but as doing better than them. I spent days and nights analyzing their work telling myself “I should do better”. So I started working in that direction. Doing better. Doing aproximatively the same, but better.

It was totally useless.

Why ? Because we are not targeting the same people. And even if we were, they are already doing what they are doing, so why wasting my time offering the same thing ? It is completely useless and a total waste of my time and energy.

I lost interest in what I was doing because of the guy I told you about at the beginning of the post. He made me see through our discussions (which most of the time had nothing to do with my media) how unique people should be in everything they do. Not better, not great, but unique.

According to him, uniqueness is the key word in everything.

Elle Citoyenne was not unique. It was a pale copy of unique achievements. So one morning I stopped everything. I told you, I don’t do Ok. I do great. I do unique (thanks to that guy).

I started researching. Like for real. How to be unique in the media industry ? The answer came in the form of a website : baekdal.com by Thomas Baekdal. If you are in the media sector, you definitely have to read the man. I learned the best from him. To sum it up, to have a great media you have to drop useless articles one can find everywhere and offer insights, useful and unique insights with clear and comprehensible data. You have to be REALLY and VERY useful. That’s all.

The guy changed my life.

I binged on virtually everything on his website for a week or so and came out with a fresh mind. Unique was and remained the key word. UNIQUE.

I won’t stop admiring Oprah. That will never happen. Just as I won’t stop admiring Global Citizen. They are great and unique at what they do. A gap is already filled by them, so I don’t need to hang around anymore. What I have to do is fill my own gap in my own way.

As simple as that.

Hello, my name is Befoune and I just dropped my dream for uniqueness. Clap if you enjoyed reading this text. And clap even if it is not the case. I need you to cheer me. For real.

C. Befoune

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Bleeding on paper, unleashing the human. I stopped writing here. Find me on mesdigressions.com

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