You & Me- All About Us

Deep in my Heart

And Deep in my Soul

Am deeply in Luv

And that’s my “Word For you”…

I still remember,

The day when you said “You Need Me”

The day when bright rays pierced My Heart

Making me bleed

Bleed with Luv & Joy

Luv lit up its full colours..

Those bright coloured rays

reached my Heart in no time..

All they did was carving “You” in Me

I wondered how could this happen?

When I know..You were Beyond My Reach!

But now i know…I have you…

And nothing again mattered..

The kinda Luv you hold..

Makes me mad over you!

The way You make me Smile…

I Promise You Baby, Nobody can make it any Better…..

The way we fight,

The way we taunt each other,

The way we act crazy

The way we feel when We are Together

O’ Baby “You blew Butterflies in My Belly”………!!!!

Deep in my Heart

Deep in my Soul

Am Deeply in Luv

And And And…..

“ Am All Yours Baby…..

And That’s my Word for You”…….