Leather Craft Production Process With Photos 1.Introduction Greeting


I’m Jin-wan Bae, a dean, lecturer, manager and director of BAEL Leather School.

BAEL Leather School is the name of small workroom where I do private work on leather crafts and have classes with students.

My last name is BAE.

It is called BA-E in Italy.

I combined BAE and Leather to make the name of BAEL.

I had a hard time to decide this name.

I didn’t major in crafts.

I’m not a craftsman who did leather crafts for a long time.

Most of my job was to have weekly reports in my company.

But, now I’m writing a book about leather crafts with professional knowledge and skills.

I thought that it would not be possible to do this with my previous experiences and careers.

I’m glad to be able to talk my story with you like this, and I’m excited and sometimes frightened.

So please don’t try to see me by thinking ‘let me see how good you are’, but I will be grateful if you could read this with kind eyes by thinking ‘you can reach your dream if you can try hard even if you’re not such a good’.

I studied computer engineering and worked as IT manager in IT company for 17 years.

I started leather crafts as a hobby.

I didn’t even imagine about 1% that I do leather crafts business like this now.

I just liked the warmth coming from the material of leather and production work that degree of completion can be increased with my work.

It was good to think about what to make before making

I could forget the stress of company and the work in the process of creating

And my heart became fulfilled when I finished making one.

And then, one thought poped up in my head.

I had a vague expectation of ‘what if I have a job with such fun and good work?’.

And I thought about studying abroad.

I’ve got to know that the school named ‘La Scuola del Cuoio’ in Firenze, Italy opens an opportunity to attend the classes once a year. So I resigned my work and flew to Firenze since I thought I should wait one more year if I don’t go this time.

Without any preparations.

I just focused on leather crafts and making bags for 6 months, around 800 hours in ‘La Scuola del Cuoio’.

It was quite short time to complete my skills, but it was nice to be able to focuse only on myself. The time has definitely been a big foundation for my crafts.

When I returned to Korea after finishing the school, I opened workroom in the basement of building I live.

In fact, workroom need to be located where students can come conveniently, find easily and has good facilities.

But there was my own principle.

That was ‘don’t do crafts for money’.

Facility costs, rental fee, interior expenses and labor costs…

If I invest, I have to earn that much more. But that is not why I do crafts.

If I want to earn more money, it’s much easier to keep my job, not doing leather crafts.

I think that it is much more important to think and work together with people who sympathize with my work. So I could start with a little shabby workroom.

As I do crafts

I have set a few bucketlist along with the principles.

I have a goal to establish a vocational school related to leather crafts.

And I want to write and publish a book and I wish it would be about the leather crafts.

Establishement of school. It’s not easy yet.

I’m just satisfied with the name of Leather School in this small workroom now.

I’m still in my mid-40s and I will live to 100 years old. Could it possible to establish it within remaining 60 years?

My dream about book is made earlier than I thought.

The reason I could do this who didn’t know writing and publication at all is because of the support of ‘DAUM BRUNCH’ and ‘BOOKK’.

So I appreciate for their support.

Now, I will introduce you a little bit about the contents of book, the most important one.

The book is largely about basic knowledge/skills/techniques related to the leather crafts.

I will explain it with production process of some works that would be helpful when you get started.

Once you have gained some basic skills, you can make works with more advanced patters and techniques.

Once you completed the basic and intensive course, you can become somewhat familiar with the production method. Based on this, we can create some unusual patterns and prototypes.

And I have included the process of making small goods.

I have also included some episode relating to my personal crafts, so please read it lightly.

I will explain the above contents with a picture that shows each actual production process rather than with just simple text. You may understand it more easily and intuitively.

I would be appreciate if you understand that this book has many pages because of pictures and divided into several series since it was made with the contents published online.

I think there are too many insufficiencies.

It was quite difficult to explain all with several piece of paper, and some of them are too detailed to show the whole process.

So if you have any further questions about crafts beside the contents of book, please feel free to contact me with Kakao Talk (begini1975) or Instagram message (bael_leathers)

I will try to answer as much as possible.

And come visit my workroom anytime in Seoul, Korea.

I always welcome you with warm tea.

Here are some evaluations of some subscribers of Daum Brunch (brunch.co.kr/@begini) that contains the contetns of this book.

I think it would help to sell books. I hope so.

“I think the author has a dream.”

“I could feel your heart.”

“It looks like cover letter with a very careful writing.”

“He teaches us contents that are hard to know very easily.”

“He is like the Giving Tree.”

Thank you.

Lastly, I dedicated this book to my beloved mother who opposed to my plan to do craft after resigning my job, but was more than pleased than anyone when I said I will publish the book and worried only me in this world.