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Are you in trouble due to your Slow WordPress Speed? OR Would you like to know Some WordPress optimization tips?. If It is right then you do not need to worry about it. I am here to assist you. Speed optimization of Wordpress Site is very Much Important. because every Single delay can ruin your Business or may result in a huge amount of loss. So do not Ignore Speed.

Today’s generation has no time to Wait so their expectation to site loading is within 4 seconds. So it becomes essential to Optimize your Site Speed. Otherwise, People will not Like your Site.

Why is WordPress Speed Optimization so Important?

  • As we all know that approximately 27% of Website Owners Use WordPress in all over the world. So here you can think that a very large proportion of blogosphere depends upon WordPress CMS.
  • Site loading time affects google ranking. So if your WordPress Site speed is good then you will rank better in google.
  • If your Site Speed is perfect then you would report a great Conversation rate.
  • You will notice good engagement with people.
  • A fully Optimized WordPress Site is also an Indication to Loyalty of business Site.

A Case Study on Page Loading Speed has been Conducted by Some Experts (for amazon, Google or some other Larger Marketplaces). According to them, One Second delay can reduce the Conversion rate up to 7%. This is a great loss for billion $ businesses.

Attention: Read full Case Study

Where can I Test My WordPress Page Loading Speed

There are Many Web page Speed Testers. you can Use any of them to Check your Page Loading Speed.

#1. Pingdom

It is a great tool to analyze the WordPress Site Speed. This tool analyzes all the Major factors that affect the Loading speed of the website.

I Checked my own Web page from san Jose, California, USA. I Found that my page (http://mechaplanet.org/10-most-free-keyword-research-tools-that-you-must-know/) takes 3.89 seconds which contains 3 video requests, Some PNG & JPEG Image files, Text, and many other Requests because I was Using Many Plugins.

After This analysis, I Found that there are Tons of reasons that are affecting my WordPress Site.

#2. Yslow

According to Yslow, it has been found that there are total 34 performance parameters that May affect the loading Speed or Performance of site. I have also Used this tool and found almost Same results that I got earlier from Pingdom.

This tool Come up with an extension. you can Install this extension to your corresponding browser and then you can Check your Site loading speed & Optimize your WordPress Site.

Both Pingdom & Yslow also give you the reason that why your WordPress Website is not fully Optimized. you only have to Read their Instructions and try to follow them. These Instructions can boost your Website.

Some other alternatives to check your site Performance: GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed & Webpagetest

#1. Choose a Very Reliable & Perfect Web Hosting

Web Hosting is something like an engine for your website. If your hosting Provider Company is not properly Managing your Web stuff then you may be kicked by Search engines. So if your engine (hosting) does not fuel your website (Compartment) properly then there is no question of WordPress Optimization (Compartment Luxury).

For WordPress Users Bluehost, Hostgator, WpEngine & Dreamhost are best. However, there are some other hosting Companies but they are not affordable for beginners.

Things that you need to remember before Choosing a web hosting Plan

  • If you are Looking for a business then choose a very fast and Private Hosting Server Like Dedicated hosting.
  • Before purchasing your Hosting plan googled Some reviews given by regular Customers. So that you can get real Information.
  • Do not Forget to Consider Hardware Machine Used by hosting Provider. If they have not been mentioned about there Hardware then lets them ask.
  • Technical Support is also important to Consider.
  • Control Panel
  • Server Uptime.
Managed wordpress hosting reviews on hostgator web hosting Company
Should You Use Hostgator Hosting or Not? Hostgator Web Hosting Reviews on Shared Hosting

#2. Use the WordPress Feature “Break Comment into page With”

When your WordPress site is not popular then you do not receive more Comments but after a while when your site become popular then you will get more comments. However, This is the epitome of Success in blogging. but a huge amount of comments may slow down your web page. So in this Situation, you need to do a little Configuration shown below. After doing this setting you can split your Comments into pages.

Settings > Discussion Settings > Other Comment Settings

#3. Use a Simple WordPress theme

For better WordPress Optimization it is Important to Select a very Simple and excellent Coded WordPress theme.There are Many simple free WordPress themes available. But Sometimes these free themes make your WordPress Website Slow due to lengthy Coding. So I recommend you to choose Such themes which have less coding and can accept Some Important Plugins.

You can also analyze your WordPress Loading speed with the help of a plugin. you need to install this (Speed Booster pack) to test your Loading speed of theme.

20 Fastest Loading WordPress Themes for Incredible Page Speed 2017

#4. Use Cache Plugins

Very First Question will come that What is Caching?

Caching is Something which Creates HTML Static page of your post. The benefit of Creating this Static page is that browser (Visitor’s browser) has no need to request to the Server (Where all your dynamic files are installed / WordPress database) for further more queries. Because everything has already been rendered on Visitor’s browser. So Caching reduces unnecessary back and forth requests for browser and also reduces the Server load.

Can I Optimize my WordPress Site With the help of Cache Plugin?. The answer is yes you can!. You can not Underestimate the power of Caching in WordPress Website. Because there are tons of benefits by using this:-

Advantage of Caching

  • Reduces the load time of your WordPress website.
  • Save the Server memory.
  • Increases the performance of your site.
  • Improvement in Search ranking.
  • It also helps to save the Bandwidth of Server.

There are Some of Caching plugins that can help you to optimize WordPress loading Speed.

#5. Use Lazy load WordPress Plugin

This plugin is useful for those who are including more images in their post. it Uses jquery.sonar to only open the image file when they are in front of the viewers (or Viewport of the device). So you can analyze that how this plugin can reduce the unnecessary java scripting to Optimize WordPress Site.

#6. Compress & Optimize your Image Size

Post Size is also matters. if your post size is large then it can slow down your site. So always try to reduce your post size. More media contents like Images & Videos are responsible for that. But with the help of Smush Compression & Optimization Plugin, you can Compress your Image.

#7. Do Not Upload Videos on your Media Library Directly

If you want to upload videos then you can purchase video Hosting which lets you allow to upload the videos without any server loading Issue. But if you do not want to Buy video hosting platform then you can directly Copy & Paste the Video link to the WordPress Post editor. WordPress has built-in Video feature which automatically adds a Video Script to your post. when someone clicks on this Video Script browser directly render or fetch the data from Corresponding Video Hosting database (youtube, Vimeo).

#8. Regularly CleanUp Unnecessary Database

basically, The database is a Software which takes care of all the data to Structured properly. This software uses tables to store data. WordPress Uses Mysql to Create Database.

when your WordPress site become old then you need to clear all the unnecessary databases like post_revision, Spam, Trash or many others to optimize WordPress.

you can use WP-Optimize plugin to clean your unnecessary database.

#9. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

It is right that if geolocation changes then Site loading speed changes accordingly. this happens because for example if your website hosted in India then the user from India will record less loading time than another country.So to provide the same loading speed for all geolocations CDN is used. it is Used to reduce the effect of Loading time due to different-2 Geolocations.

A CDN Network has a number of Servers spread all over the world. every Server has a Static file of your web page. these Static files do not require any back and forth queries. due to this reason browser does not need to collab with Server again and again.

As I have earlier discussed that CDN has many servers out there so if any user search from anywhere will get same WordPress Loading Speed.

Please take a look for better Understanding

Without CDN Server:

After Using CDN:

#10. Minimize the HTTP Requests

However, you can optimize your WordPress site by simply developing a very simple page design. but now theme’s design and attractiveness become very important to Consider.

if your website design is so cool then it has more Scripting. So to take care of both the things (Design & Optimization). you need to reduce the HTTP requests. To do so you can Combine all the CSS File into a single file, Similarly combine all Scripting file into a Single file.

#11. Stop Someone to Stealing your Hosting Server Resources

Hotlinking is a Bad practice in which One can Steal your Bandwidth if he/She will copy your image URL and paste it on him/his own Web page. In this process, if someone looks at him/his web page then every time image will download from your server to him/his website. which means every page visit of him/his website stealing a specific amount of Bandwidth from your Server.

You can enable the Hotlinking protection to disconnect this activity. or also you can add a bit of code into your .htaccess file to block hotlinking.

#disable hotlinking of images with forbidden or custom image option RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$ RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)?yourdomain.com [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)?google.com [NC] RewriteRule \.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$ — [NC,F,L]

#12. Avoid Duplicate Scripting

If you want to Optimize the performance of WordPress Site. then you need avoid duplicate Scripting on your same web page. Because Unnecessary Scripting may hurt your performance due to extra HTTP requests. So you can avoid this extra execution by simply inserting a bit of code in your HTML document file.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”menu_1.0.17.js”></script>

You can also use a PHP function to call Insertscript

<?php insertScript(“menu.js”) ?>

#13. Delete all the Unnecessary themes

WordPress provides you thousands of themes. you can choose any of them and activate it for your website. But when you choose A suitable theme for your website you install some of the themes Unnecessarily on your server. These themes increase the database requests which results Slow down the performance of your website.

You need to delete all these themes from your database. Go to Cpanel > file manager > Public.html > WP- Content > Themes.

Please remember that do not delete index.php file and your current running theme.

#14. Do not Use Plugins that can Slow down your Page Loading

There are tons of WordPress plugins that can optimize your WordPress performance and make your website more efficient. but there are also some Plugins that are not good for the health of WordPress website. But the question May arise that how do you recognize that which plugin is slowing down your website?. here is the answer. there is a plugin introduced by godaddy.com for WordPress to check the efficiency of plugins.

P3 (Plugins performance Profiler) is a great plugin to analyze other plugins. this plugin helps you to give all information that you need to know.

Attention: The Reference is taken From themeisle.com:-


#15. Use flush(); function of PHP to load fast

Every browser takes some milliseconds to fetch the data from the server. During this time interval, the browser does not fetch any file from the server. during this instant, the user has to wait until and unless the browser load files.So to Utilize this idle time you can use a function flush. this function allows some easy & partially prepared HTML Document to the browser.

Code Implementation: Implement this code to your Theme editor (Appearance > Editor > Header.php File).

Use this code only inside the head code <head> Code here </head>

<? php flush(); ?>

Final Thoughts

WordPress Optimization is very important for both User and Search engine perspective. So you need to Consider everything that is essential to Increase the Performance of your site.

In this post, I have described almost everything that you need to do to Optimize your WordPress site. but if you know Some other hacks for WordPress optimization then you can drop them in the comment section.

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Originally published at mechaplanet.org on March 27, 2017.

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