Top most affordable search engine optimization techniques

Today I will tell you some most affordable Search engine Optimization Techniques that can help your blog to achieve good ranking on the google search results.

Beginners always try to rank their web pages on google’s first page. Because almost 85% of traffic comes from top results. But nowadays it becomes very hard to empowering web pages on the first page of the google or any search engines. because google has now Updated (google panda, google pigeon, google hummingbird, & google penguin). it’s algorithm that makes this whole search engine optimization process very difficult. google considers more than 200 factors that can affect your website ranking. So for your better google rankings, you need to consider all those factors.

Search engine Optimization is something like Turbocharger for your website. without SEO you may not be able to accelerate your Website. Without it, you can not develop the trust for search engines like Google, bing, or Some other big Search engines.

Although, SEO is a very broad topic. It contains diffrernt-2 types of methodologies to improve the search visibility.

SEO is not stable. everything within the SEO tactics gets change accordingly. So one has to keep on updating the SEO by taking care of both User & Search engines requirements.

When I started my blog I did not know what is SEO and how does it affect my search results. but after passing one year now I know that how does it affect my blog or website.

Let me tell you little bit about SEO

What is SEO Stand for?

SEO is Value addition process in which we apply some techniques to enhance the search visibility, user friendliness & ranking.

A Perfect SEO Directory Consist of = Keyword research + great User response + Link building + Social Media engangement + inbound links + outbound links + Content Strategies + Post Title Optimization + Permalink opimization + Keyword density + Post lenght + Post-Title Relavency + Media (Images & Videos) + Loading Speed + Meta Description + HTML Structure + Image Optimization

Above you can see are the some most Common techniques that a perfect SEO directory has to be Considered.

Some bad SEO Practices are = Content Stuffing + Keyword Stuffing + Cloaking + Piracy + Hidden text + Buying Links + Buying Traffic.


here might be some other Bad practices that people may use to get search visibility.

The meaning of SEO is that “It is the Combination of all the Search engine’s aspects & User that every professional or web owner need to follow to build a reputation “.

“Implement all such practices that can easily be interpreted by search engines.”

There are many SEO optimizations strategies. I will try to explain Some of the top most affordable search engine optimization technique so let’s get started

These are those affordable search engine optimization techniques where you do not need to spend money.

#1. Meta Description Optimization

This is the essential part of SEO optimization because if you would not make your SEO meta description user-friendly then you will continuously lose your ranking.

this is happening because google has now considered this as a great factor which is known as “User Response“.

For Example: Suppose one page of your website has been ranked in the top position (say 11). but users are not clicking on your web page. this is happening due to the poor meta description or may be wrong title selection. now if google continuously notice that people are not clicking on your page. Then they kick off your page from position 11 to some other position (say 20).

From above example, you notice that google algorithm is very sensitive to the user response.

So here my advice is that try to optimize your SEO meta description & post title.

Now, you may argue that how can I optimize meta description & post title. then don’t worry read this guide given below


#2. Optimize your Permalink

Permalinks are the addresses of your blog posts. it is very important to optimize your permalinks. because crawler starts crawling from permalink.

Make your permalinks very intuitive and understandable for the search engine.

Things that you need to do for optimization

  • Do not include any special symbol like $, &, @,? into your permalink address.
  • Make it very simple and Short.
  • Always Include your focus keyword.

Choose More Preferable Permalink

Go to Setting > Permalinks > Post name

#3. Domain Authority & Page Authority

Google always give more value to those domains who have great Domain authority.

Domain authority is overall trustworthiness of your site and Page authority is a value of an individual page.

Most of the time you must have found that when you search something (Suppose any topic on which you have already written a post)on google then you would find that google show you some permanent results related to your query. but you never found your blog there.

This is because all the top results on google have high domain & Page authority. So if you want to become the first result of google then you need to increase your domain & Page authority.

How do you increase your domain & page authority?.

however, it is not very hard but you need to keep patience to develop some great high domain authority backlinks. basically, domain authority is the direct indication of high trustworthiness.

Do some affordable practices to increase your domain and page authority

  • Directory Submission. (List of some top directory submission Sites)
  • Write Guest Post (related to your blog niche and have high Domain & page authority).
  • Put Genuine Comments on some high domain authority sites. however, most of the comment on those blogs are Nofollow (Instruction to the google bot to not to produce any value to the ranking of comment maker’ URL or blog URL ) type. but these also sometimes help to generate some extra traffic.
  • Try to write very rich content so people can easily find something valuable on your post. and they recommend your blog post to their own blog post. (This is something knows as backlink)
  • Update your blog Continuously.
  • Disavow Bad Links

#4. Create Infographics for your blog post to make it more understandable for users

Most of you are thinking that does Infographic really affect your site ranking. As I have already discussed that SEO is a Combination of Great User Response strategies and search visibility practices.

So if you are doing something that directly improves User response, will also be considered as a great SEO Technique to dominate top results on google first page.

So it is a great SEO practice. you don’t need to pay money to create it. there are a number of free infographic tools which makes This SEO technique affordable for beginners.

#5. Backlinks

Let me give you an example to understand the meaning of backlinks.

Suppose you have a blog and you write something about SEO and at the same time you find an another blog on google which contains some related content about SEO. you simply place that link to your webpage for some extra information provided to the user and publish it. in this case the second (another blog) web page get a link juice from your web page that is backlink for the second web page.

Now if your web page is ranked on google top 10 results then the another page link that you have earlier placed inside your post also get some value in the eyes of google.

According to me “Backlink is a recommendation to your web page by another web page. which directly increase your page value in the search engine’s eyes “

It has been realized that backlinks are the most important & Powerful off page SEO Technique and it has also been found that all the google’s top results contain high backlink juice.

Nowadays it becomes very hard to get high page authority backlinks. but it is not impossible.

If your page has been ranked on google top 10 results then you don’t need to do anything. you will automatically start generating high authority backlinks.

but if this is not the case then you need to follow some tips that I have given in earlier section 3.

This is one of the best affordable search engine optimization technique. Affordable in the sense “a natural & free upcoming backlinks are more powerful rather than paid one”

Note: Do not buy backlinks from any third party network. these are harmful to your blog. google may penalize your blog.

#6. Optimize your Website loading Speed

It has been confirmed by google experts that all the top results of google will now consider the Site loading speed as a ranking factor.

So this is also a good SEO practice to enhance the search visibility & ranking.


15 Proven tips that you need to do for WordPress Optimization

#7. Social Media engagement

Social Media signals are also the part of off page SEO. If your post has so much sharing & engagement then it is considered as a ranking factor in google.

So pick some popular Social media website like facebook, twitter, Google+ LinkedIn, Reddit or many others to increase your social visibility.

here you can spend a little amount of money to promote your blog posts to get more engagement.

#8. Post length

This is totally free or affordable search engine technique. you need to only do a great research to write a post which has at least 1900+ words.

#9. Site Structure

This is a great SEO factor but has less impression on google. Site Structure indirectly affects the google ranking because site structure is very important from the User point of view. So if the user response is not good then you may lose your search ranking.

So do not ignore it. Make your blog post very simple, Impressive, and easy to Understable.

#10. Keyword Density

Place focus keyword

  • In permalink
  • In the first paragraph of the post, 2 to 5 times within the post (depending on the post length, not more than 1.5%)
  • In Image alt attribute
  • In post Title
  • In SEO meta description
  • In one of the Heading H1 Tag
  • In one of the Subheading H2 Tag

#11. Post Content -title Relevancy

Your post content must be exactly relevant to your post title. Because this directly affects user experience and which is related to search engine optimization.

#12. Put Inbound & outbound Links within your post

this is also an important SEO technique in which you need to put some relevant contextual link within the post.

Do not put the unnatural or spammy links within the post.

There are so many other SEO techniques that affect search visibility. when I was digging to collect the information for my post I found a post written by brain dean who is the owner of In this post, he has written almost 200 google search engine optimization factors that affect search engine rankings.

I found this post very helpful I hope that you would also like to read this guide.

#13. Domain age

This is not a technique but domain age really matters. if your domain is old then it has high trustworthiness. which Improves the reputation of your blog among the people and search engines.


SEO is the more powerful tool to increase the search visibility. As I have earlier described that SEO is the Collection of all the User needs and search engine guidelines.

All the factors that I have written above are most common & affordable search engine optimization techniques. these techniques are in your control and one easily takes advantages of these techniques.

SEO = Good User response + Search engine Guidelines + Search engine trust

However, there are more than 200 SEO factors. but some of them have high priority than others.

  • Backlinks
  • Keywords research
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Social media signals
  • Domain age
  • Rich Content

What do you think about some other Google ranking factors?. please give your suggestion in the comment section

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Originally published at on May 5, 2017.