Our believe :)


Let us tell you a story. A boy and a girl met in a beautiful castle and fell in love. Being together they were better persons and that was their magical power.
Both wanted to be goodness makers, using their mind and creativity. They found out a secret formula which says “Doing good feels good” and they wanted to share it.
It sounds like a fairy tale or soap romantic drama comedy with sci-fi elements, isn’t it? –But it`s based on a true story.

We are Emil and a Lydia — professional filmmakers, young fresh dreamers, and yes — we`ve met in a real castle. We started this project with the intention to show that the happy end of a story is possible … not only in fairy tales and movies but in real life as well.

The things we do:
We create video and art content which benefits people and causes.
In a creative way, we show real life stories which need “script editing”. 
We represent cases of reality which are a reflection of injustice and need an intervention of well-wishers. We’re not a drama and sadness “producers”. We are looking for positive changes and good ending stories. 
We support all people, causes, non-profits, etc. Which are dedicated to the idea of positive changes of society.

Things we want to do:
We want to improve ourselves in every aspect and to become better persons.
We want to establish a movement that encourages people to be generous and good as a manner of living. 
To help people stop thinking that being good person costs any effort or it`s something complicated.
We want to show that doing good can be fun and cool.

About you:
You are the good guy. You are what we believe in — strong, kind-hearted, compassionate, courageous and responsible. We know that without you, we cannot fulfill our goals, because there is a great need for goodness, and to succeed we need many people like you.
If you believe in this, go watch our videos, share and subscribe, because each view and share help us to continue this movement.

Things we can do together:
We can transform the power of internet media and the beauty of art into a real act of help.
We can provoke a willing of kindness.
If there are enough people trusting in the kindness we have, we can do real life wonders.

Let`s Be Good!

If you have stories or suggestions that will provoke a positive change, send us your ideas.