Wires crossed?

(Def.) Get your wires crossed: When people get their wires crossed, they have a different understanding of the same situation.

Have you ever been in a situation where your understanding differed from the other person despite trying numerous times to correct certain perceptions? These perceptions are so exaggerated that they are imprinted in their minds to the extent that they use that to define who you are as a person.

But what if I told you that I am not that person who they think I am?

We can never control what others say about us or think about us because that is beyond our control but what irks me is that despite having told them, they are just so persistent and stubborn with defining you.

Losing friendships can be hard especially when you shared an enormous amount of your personal information with a friend. And it hits back so hard when they tell you that they thought you needed sex and they were only trying to help? O.M.G? Like what the actual fuck?

This makes me question so many things like “were you pretending to be my friend and thought eventually you would end up in my pants?”, or whether “you thought that oh, poor her, she’s single and she doesn’t have someone to run to?” or “pussy is all I want but let me first start with being a ‘nice’ friend to gain her trust” or simply what the fuck is wrong with you to think I needed a man in my life and that I desperately need someone to fuck the life outta me! I mean it was explicitly said to me that they were trying to help me out with my sex life! How bizarre!

When will just saying no be enough? I mean I never implied that I needed sex or anything. I am an independent person and although I have been single (and enjoying the solitude) for sometime it hasn’t given me reason to go looking for sex and I definitely don’t need a man and his huge ass dick to bring validity in my life!

I thought I had a good friend but the feeling wasn’t mutual. Of course, he said to me a couple of times whether I’d be interested in being casual sex buddies but that kinda shit don’t work with me. I am as conventional and orthodox (when it comes to things like this) as I am post-modern and I personally believe that I need to have that vibe with a person who I’d wish to sleep with. I don’t just sleep around out of dire need or because I want to. And that is probably why it becomes so difficult for me to move on from a relationship because of the bond that I have created and shared with a particular person whom I have been involved with romantically.

I value friendships and people in my life (and I try to keep it that way although I muck up a whole lotta times) and I feel they bring an extra meaning to your life making it even more worthwhile. And that is why it is infuriating and equally upsetting to know that someone who you thought was a friend was secretly wishing to fuck you! We are well into the 21st century but I didn’t think dummy friendships came with it.