Dancecantation: Working from home? Try this.

It’s one of those days. The mind and body want to do anything and everything but work. The biochemistry of your body wants the feeling of variety — something different, far away from the routines of every day life.

The body wants to feel alive.

When I hit a block like this, earlier this morning, what did I do? I danced.

I’ve been doing this recently because I can and it feels good. If dancing isn’t for you, then I don’t recommend you trying this. It’s probably too outside of your comfort zone. Take a walk outside, stretch, or do some pushups. The principle this builds on is changing your physiology. In short, MOVE!

“Dancecantation” is a phrase I created today to capture what I did. It plays on the practice of “Incantations.”

An incantation is a way of building a new belief or thought pattern through mental and physical repetition.

An incantation is different from a mantra because a mantra is done passively (i.e., repeated in your head or out loud without a requirement of active body engagement). An incantation associates a movement to it (i.e, you’re running and saying out loud your new belief).

So, how do you do a Dancecantation at home?

  • Either put on headphones or blast your speakers (I put on my noise cancelling headphones).
  • Get out of your chair and start blasting songs that MOVE YOU. I close my eyes and move however I want to move (luckily, no one was home!).
  • The first focus is to simply move to the music. You can skip, run, hop. You can stand still and just vibe. As you feel the biochemistry changing in your body, link it to a desired thought pattern or belief.
  • I recommend a short phrase, that matches the beat, and can be easily said out loud. Have fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously. It sounds silly, but it works.
  • After 2–3 songs, return to your work.

Remember: You control your mind and your body. Take care of them, so that they, in turn, can take care of you.

This article was written by David Ngo, Founder of Behavior Delta LLC.