METHOD: 3 Steps to Changing Your Beliefs in 3 Minutes

This post is about the method behind my Story: a Gym Breakthrough.

In this blog post, I will share the specific steps that I practice to call out my own BS (belief systems) and re-associate negative thought processes to positive ones. This triggers the behavior change that I desire.

Here is an example of a limiting belief that is altered to become a growth belief:

Snoozing v.s. Waking up immediately.”

1. I NOTICE a belief that attempts to block me from desired outcome.

(In my mind) “My mouth is dry and I feel dehydrated. I should snooze for a few minutes.”

This logic didn’t really make sense to me either, but I did snooze for 13 minutes.

2. I CAPTURE it into my phone (notes app).

(In my phone) “My mouth is dry and I feel dehydrated. I should snooze for a few minutes.”

3. I RE-ASSOCIATE this “Limiting Belief” to a new reason to rise. I write out what I WANT to believe instead of the old pattern. If this same thought surfaces in the future, then I know exactly what I’m going to do and why.

(In my phone) “More reason to get up now and drink some water because it’ll feel so good, your body will feel great, and imagine the thirst being quenched. Also, if you don’t get up immediately then you’ll be breaking your self-trust, and you know how painful and frustrating that is. Your day is primed to be shitty, and sub-optimal.”

Underlying beliefs that allow this method to work for me are:

  1. Any thought or belief can be conditioned and re-associated.
  2. I can do this.
  3. By writing down the old, observed belief, and re-associating a new one, my behavior outcome is one step closer to cementing into a healthy habit.
  4. Playing this game of belief re-association is a better use of my time than scrolling mindlessly through Facebook.

For the story behind this method, see my post STORY: A Gym Breakthrough.

This article was written by David Ngo, Founder of Behavior Delta LLC.