Why do I feel like I belong nowhere

Where ever I go, What ever activity I do or Which ever job I take, I always feel like I don’t belong there and the people around me are completely different from me.

Why do I always have this feeling. Is is because of my bad choices? or Is it because there is something wrong with me that makes me disconnect with people around me.

The common thing I found in places like classroom, gym etc. is that people bond with other people effortlessly even though they just met. They become close in less time and share their feelings very without trouble.

My family and friends always criticize me about being secretive and not opening about anything. But I just don’t know how to do it. It comes so easily for everyone they don’t bother to think about my struggle.

And here I am, trying to find a solution even though I know this doesn’t do me any good. This is my first story in medium and I have no idea how to conclude.