How Apple is Changing the World Using Emojis

Apple’s iPhone X event was jam packed with Apple’s new hardware, but let’s be honest, the most memorable moment from the keynote was Craig Federighi using Animojis on stage.

That may look ridiculous at first, but Apple is changing technology and drawing its next five years’ roadmap using Emojis. It’s simple: people love Emojis. iOS updates featuring new Emojis make headlines. There are people who are actually excited about new Emojis and update iOS on their devices just to get new Emojis.

Moreover, for a new technology to be prominent, it needs a platform. It needs to be readily available, so that developers, artists and collectively, creators make the time to make use of that technology. If you want Augmented Reality to be prominent in the near future, you must have people have AR-enabled devices in their hands. But there’s a problem: people don’t get excited about AR, they get excited about Emojis. And in this particular case, AR+Emojis, namely Animojis is the perfect combination. Many of iPhone X potential buyers won’t be buying it for A11 Bionic chip or Face ID, they will be buying it to send Animojis.

Please take a few minutes to watch iPhone X introduction video if you haven’t already.

What is the first thing that comes into your mind? Isn’t it Jony Ive using Animojis? Strange, eh?

This is simply Apple, putting the future of smartphones in people’s hands using Emojis. So next time you see Apple making headlines because of adding new Animojis to iOS, don’t be surprised. Personally, I won’t be surprised even if Apple organized an event just to showcase Emojis.