Will Offen
Feb 1, 2019 · 1 min read

Great article (as usual from Aytekin). After nearly half a century in business as a consultant and troubleshooter I decided in 2106 that I wanted a new way to earn a crust whilst I did my favourite thing — help people to be successful!

After 2 years of planning and research, I am only now beginning to launch my on-line academy and I’m still unsure if this is the best way forward?

Dont get me wrong. I know my stuff, through and through, but what I didn't know was how to formulate it so I could reach my audience — or even who they may be?

I’ve decided to practise what I preach, take some action, even if its wrong, for activity breeds success!

Will Offen

Written by

Almost 50 years helping people become Aware of how much they can achieve through the power of Communication. Mediocrity is a choice we don’t have to make!

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Ed Yong
Mar 25 · 22 min read


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